Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My City. My Home.

I love going to places but uprooting to another soil on a permanent basis…. Aaah???

For most of my life I have been here, in Kerala...

My school and college days were in this city. Even thou I never admitted my love for this place, and had got bored of its lack of entertainment and hang outs am so in love with this city. Its here I was born, grownup, educated, loved, dreamed, shattered, gained, lost and everything that matters in my life till date happened in this very city. This is not my home town. I was just a visitor. But now this is my home. 

My Love, My Heart and My Soul.

Now when I uprooted myself from here to a strange familiar world, I felt lost. 

I always enjoyed the tag of an NRI I got from my peers even when I was very much RI (Residing Indian). But excluding all those vacations enjoyed with KFC’s, Pizzas and Chocolates I was always here.

I always wanted to move to somewhere far away from everyone. But when the time came to pack up and flew... my mind backed off.

Coz I am not what others think I am.

Coz I m scared of changes.


Changes are inevitable but …….

I ‘m gonna miss my place like anything.

I ‘m gonna miss all those hangouts where I watered my solitude and thoughts.

Night rides to meet the silent nature.

Waves who kisses on my feet when I say bye.

The untouchable moon and the shore who saw my smiles, tears and loneliness.

Fairgrounds where I loitered around.

Sneak outs with sibling to satisfy an irresistible need for ice creams. 

Dream world which saw the real me right from my growing days.

Hideout with its divinity or so called second home.

People who are just kilometers apart now will be seas apart soon.

But above all 

I would miss those frequent visits to the people I miss most and wish were still in my life.
I would miss being with them and giving them flowers on their and my special days.

I didn't know what I was dreading about….

The changes or the future or maybe even the past?

But life has to move on.... 

And it did move on...even after I came here in Middle East...

Even thou I miss my home, I started loving my new home. :)

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  1. Where are you going dear? You know that I can relate to this post so well. :)

    1. No where, Jyothi .... these were the feelings when I had to move from Kerala. :)

  2. Moving is always hard. I found that when I left home to go off to college it was hard. When I got married and left home it was a little easier and then once I moved with my husband and kids to where we live now I realized that home is where you family and your stuff is. It is where your heart is.

  3. Oh my! this made me feel nostalgic :(

  4. I know this feeling of leaving your old home and moving to a new place. We have moved across 4 states and 5 cities, though I have had this feeling of missing the familiar... but the feeling of exploring the new has been very strong too.