Monday, October 27, 2014

Once ...

There was once a little girl, who was always happy. She lived her life the way she wanted. Every morning her day started with loads of love, smiles and happiness. She went to school, took lessons, studied hard, played with her friends and was the apple of her parents’ and eyes.

One fine afternoon while she was coming home from school singing and laughing, a wolf jumped in front of her. She, who was a friend of every human and beast in her village didn’t feel any fear. But this wolf, jumped upon her, torn her clothes, ripped her soul apart and left her there… all alone. She didn’t understand what happened or why this happened to her. But she knew something bad and cruel was what she went through. She didn’t know why the wolf didn’t kill her but left her behind giving all the pains.  She passed out and lye there until someone came and recognized and informed her parents.

No one saw her laughing after that. No one allowed their children to visit her or take her to school again. Every parent blamed her for been a wild child who was insanely happy and carefree.  According to them it was her fault. She shouldn’t have laughed so loudly, talked kindly to everyone, or just been helpful to all. It was her fault that she was good. Her fault, that she was pretty and unaware of that. Her fault, that she didn’t hide behind her duppata and made herself invisible. No one, for once blamed the wolf for snatching away her happiness from her. No one for once said, it was ok, let it go. Wherever she went, everyone looked down at her. In a few hours she became the untouched from the lovable child.

She didn’t know what to do, whom to approach or who will listen to her woes. She couldn’t bare the looks of the world, who were undressing her just by their stares. She felt more humiliated. One fine morning, she wore the best clothes, hugged her family put the brightest smile on her face, went inside the farthest and darkest room in her house, and closed the door... never to open again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hey You,

Yeah, you itself. Not the young you or the old one. Just you. The present one. Two days ago you were asking yourself and all around you, what’s all about life? Why are we born? Isn’t life too monotonous? If we are meant to live a routine life then why are we born?

Personally for me life is all about been happy. Been lovable. Having people around you who makes you feel special and in turn who you love like anything. Living life is all about been good to others, been there for them when they least expect but wish they had someone.

For me life is coming back home doing that job you love so much. Feeling happy and content from the satisfaction you get when you do your job. Living life is having the courage to dropdown everything when you feel tied up, choked, and packs that bag to breathe some fresh air. Life is having people who understand you so well, that you don’t have to explain yourself, for them to accept your weirdness or imperfections. It’s all about having that chocolate bar, you’re not supposed to have, but you want to have. Life is like hearing that song repeatedly for the hundredth time, just because you love the sound of it. Seeing that movie for the last time again, even when you know all the scenes by heart just because you love the actor so much. Life is all about been alive. Alive doesn’t mean just breathing. It means breathing because you want to. Living life is falling in love with that imperfect person because you can’t just not fall in love with him, even when he’s not made for you.

Life is all about repetitions in a different way. It’s monotonous yet so adventurous. It’s a planned routine, but no two days are alike. Life is all about embracing everything and making that extra path to happiness.

If something is making you unhappy, change that. If something is making you sulk, change that. If your life itself is making you sad, change yourself and make your life happy.

Whatever happens, be happy in life. Because everything is all about your smiles.