Monday, November 16, 2015

Sarah ...

She stood near her mom's grave. When she drew her last breath Sarah was away in Uni. And it’s been two years since then and this is the first time she's visiting her mom. 

When her father informed about her mom's death, she didn't feel anything. It was as if a chapter was closed all by itself, without any dramas. She never felt any connection with her mom.  Her mom didn't exhibit any motherly affection towards her even when she was a child. And Sarah always felt like a stranger who came out of her mother's womb.

"It's nice to make good memories. And I wished you had done the same with me too." Sarah said out aloud standing next to mom's grave.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Random Scribblings ...

Life is been pretty busy yet slow for the past few months. I have been technically away from blogging after the April challenge. I went for a vacation in June and from there it was kind of a roller-coaster ride. My Evernote is full of uncompleted drafts which I have no idea how to complete and yet I hope to do some other day of my life.

I have been investing my time and energy into a new venture of ours and it seems like at the end of the day I just want to curl up in my bed and sleep! Nothing else matters then. But should add, religiously I take my laptop every night and open MSWord thinking of scribbling something but which results in endless staring at the blinking cursor. Exhausted, I tune myself to a movie and stay glued to it.

I sometimes wish there was this technology where your writings from a notebook get transferred to your PC just-like-that. Likewise, I sometimes wish I could just pack my backpack and go see the world leaving all my obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes life is full of those just-like-that wishes. At times I get this sudden irresistible urge to go somewhere far alone for sometime, or just sleep for a whole day, or be invisible from everything or start up something dramatic or just blog more frequently. I know all these are not so not-possible things. But just mundane very much possible things. I know… I know… but sometimes it’s just difficult. Maybe I’m just too lazy.

Recently a dear friend of mine send me an excerpt from a book. It’s about the author been questioned about his past. The author is proud about the things he has done in his yester-years, but the people around him question the morality in that. What do you think? Personally I believe my past defines me. I have done wrong, took the most stupid decisions, have compromised for less worth things, have hurt my near ones, have suffered the consequences of my doings,  have lost and gained, smiled and cried ... but I don’t regret anything I have done. Maybe if given a chance I might have opted for more subtle decisions when it’s concerned with other people. But still I believe our yesterdays are just are learning days were we gain courage to grow. Hope we all gain strength from our past and have the courage and energy to live our present with a dream of brighter tomorrows. 

So what is your take on this? And is your day going on?

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Wake-Up Call

When a little boy came with a small bucket and spade, all business like, she got curious. He just looked all-around and settled down at a spot which felt best for him. And there he started building his castle out of sand. She felt as if he was showing her life being built. Carefully and patiently he was drawing the castle's perimeter in the sand and then he mounded a big pile of sand inside it. After that he made a hole in the center, filled it with water, and tamped it down. Slowly he added layers of sand and water until he had a firm and level mound. Then when was all set to finish a huge tide came and washed off half of his sand castle. He was going to scream his lungs out of sadness, she was betting on that. But she was amused when he angrily glared at the sea and started rebuilding his castle again, as if telling the sea that nothing could stop him from making him finish what he started. And that was the wake-up call for her, to rebuild her life again, to rejuvenate herself and start fresh. 

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