Friday, March 15, 2013

Lil Sunshine...

This is Tejaswee Rao.

Isn't that such a happy smile???? :)

Never have seen her. Never have known her.

Met her last year through her blog, when I was surfing through the blogosphere. And there's a photograph on the right side of her blog, which shows a girl smiling showing all of her teeth. The smile is reaching not just her lips but her eyes too. And the radiance she spreads through her smile is so immense, that I feel in love with her.

Her writings are also like so positive, that even a routine update have so much of positivity and energy in it. And in a single sitting I read through all her posts, her friends & even strangers like me wrote in tribute to her. And in every word of others one could read the color, love and energy she bestowed to each other's life. At that time, even I was suffering from the loss of a dear one, and I would so clearly see how her family and friends were affected in her going away.

After some days she left my mind, until recently I stumbled upon her pic again. And she's been haunting me... in a good way. Why, such happy and good souls are taken away so soon??!! Whatever the reason maybe, till the 19 years of her life she have inspired many and is still doing through her writings. And her friends are going to adopt kids, cos she always wanted to.

I missed meeting you Tejaswee, in real... but happy to know you atleast through this virtual world.

P.S. It's not the years you live that counts, but the moments you gave others.

God Blez u lil one. Keep Smiling that infectious smile of yours. :*

Cheerz to you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Brother!

I happened to come across a blog post when I was wandering in the blogosphere. The post was a letter written by a girl written to her parents and dear ones, which they are supposed to get after she passes away. The post was part of a contest.

Now after reading it, I thought of writing something like that. And began to scribble down in my diary. But left it half written, and went away for my other jobs. And today Brat was at home, cos of his study holiday. Been so interested in going through my personals, he went through my diary too.

After a while he came to me and asked, "Are you serious about what you are thinking?" As I had no clue about what he was referring to, I got confused. He said, "I read your diary and you are gonna suicide, na"...  I was so dumbstruck that I didn't know what to tell. And he was like, "Do tell me beforehand, I wanna take a pic of yours and also make you spend all your money on me". (Now, how did I get such a brother??..... ufff....).

And the rest of the days he was such a Brat, that I had to kick him more than twice just to shut up and study.

P.S. God give girls Brother's, esp the younger ones to teach us the virtue of patience and soft talking.

God Blez.

Monday, March 11, 2013



I am all you want,
And all you care for...

Then look beside you,
I was always there,
Visibly or Invisibly.

To share your smiles,
To have a piece of your sadness,
To hear your stories,
And to tease n fight with you.

A thread from the past,
Brought us to our present,
Will take us to our future,
And connects us till the very end.

So... if...

I am all you want,
And all you care for...

I was there,
I am here,
And... ...
I'll be there beside you,
As always.

P.S. Keep Smiling. :)

God Blez.


Brat's final exams for the year started.  And as every time, 'm his teacher for the season for the exam season. This time along with Brat his best friend is also there.

Ten years back I was in the same position as Brat, with a hell lot of ambitions and a definite aim. I had my life pre-planned and I knew what I'll do when reach my 20's. But at present, when I m walking towards my 24th year, I have no idea what I want and what I'll be doing the next moment. I learned that life is not gonna happen the way we plan it but it have it's own strategies. And it's up to us to navigate it to our best advantage.

Everything may not happen as we planned, but definitely something or the other will turn up as ours.

P.S Explore your life.

God Blez.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I absolutely love being a Woman!

Women are one creation of God that I am extremely proud of and wonderfully grateful for being one (even thou once in a while I wish the opposite). Woman are smart and powerful. But they know how to use their soft side to make a point.

And the best ones in my eyes....

  1. The ability to give birth.
  2. We could give hugs anytime and get no questions.
  3. New last name, from every new marriage. :D
  4. Make up is part of our daily regime and no one will question us.
  5. Women can wear silky, frilly, any color clothes.
  6. Doors are held open for us and chairs pulled out for us.
  7. We can co-ordinate an event with just an SMS.
  8. We always get place in public transport. It’s the law.
  9. We can cry when we are stressed, happy or angry.
  10. We can read maps and ask for directions without any hesitation.
  11. We can bargain as if there’s no end.
  12. We can let out and control our emotions.
  13. We see through people and most of the time our intuitions are right.
  14. We can go shopping for hours and men are supposed to be our support factor and bill payer.
  15. We can be extreme good listeners and nonstop talkative.
  16. We can bring immense positive energy to the people around us with a smile and a good word and also can crap anyone’s mood with our cranky self.
  17. Women can multi-task with ease.
  18. Shoes are woman’s best friend and they serve as a weapon too.
  19. Chances of getting a speeding ticket is higher and flirting a way out is also far higher. ;)
  20. Woman is the queen of her palace, and if you mess with her, you are tossed out.

P.S. Happy Woman's Day to all the Women out in the world. You people are just beautiful, powerful and so graceful. We do make this place a better world.

God Blez.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

At the verge of the steep.

Dunno if I would stumble down and fall forever.... or fall and rise up again.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Season of lent is going on. And today half of the lent finished.

Lent is all about crucification of Jesus. And maybe cos of that, while attending the mass the first and last thought that came into my mind was Death. All those people I lost to death and all those I'll be losing during the years of life.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Something I should practice...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Don't let your memories wasted.

Life is a journey chasing your dreams, while embracing your memories. Memories are those chest of treasures which we wish to have atleast once more. To feel that moments emotion in real for a second time rather than in virtual visuality.

But, will these memories have the same intense clarity even after so much years and life experiences? Or do they just fade up in course of time?  

I'm a person who do whatever I can to cling to that one moment which made me feel special or bought a smile onto my face... but when life gives me other priorities should I have to leave all these to be rusted in the treasure chest and build up new ones or will I be able to give life to new moments while  preserving these with the same shining effect??