Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nov, Dec & Jan in 123...

Actually nothing much happened in these three weeks…. But still… here goes…

1. Had an awesome vacation in my own place with my dear ones.

2. One more classmate and a friend of mine changed her status to Mrs.

3. Did the initial step of an immediate dream.

4. My Best friend is no more single, committed or even engaged but happily and glowingly married. J 

5. Bought so many books, went to a really good Book fair and visited my favorite library after long time.

6. Visited all my favorite places back in my place.

7. Stepped in a new year. 2013.

8. Had a happy vacation but back in the foreign land. L

P.S. May everyone have an awesome Feb! 

God Blez.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My best friend's Marriage!

Today my best friend of 13 years is no more single. She found her better half. She stepped her foot into a new life. She was glowingly happy when seated next to her groom, ready to say her vows.

She was a person from childhood. A person who shared the same initial hatred of hostel life and gradually loved the same. The person who's always available when you need a shoulder to cry, a word of advice, or a companion for pranks.

Gonna miss her in someways... but gonna have more happy times with the newly wedded couple.  :)

P.S. Let their love glow for years!

God Blez.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest! ;)

Last year I came across two people who now holds a prominent place in my heart and life. We became like siblings in course of time. We had our personal life's but still we shared almost everything with each other. 

We have our sharing spot,  our discussing and decision making spot, our sentimental spot and our ice cream craving place.

Today is the birthday of the youngest one of the lot. The one who's so pampered, so sensitive and so childish despite been 22 years. She's the one who let go her tears if u love her, or if u scold her or if u fight with her. But one extreme adamant and bold female.

I don't know how long this relation is gonna go. Don't know how this is gonna end. But still hope that only smiles be there for them.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart. You are one of the best things that happened to me in 2012. We were near to each other for years but except for the occasional smile not even a word left from us. But now it's just the opposite. Keep Smiling lil one.

P.S. Smiles!  :)

God Blez.