Saturday, September 29, 2012

Marriageee...???.....Obviously can wait longer!!!


This is the villain of my life now. 

Even before I tasted the essence of being independent … everyone wants to send me away to some unknown home to call some unknown parents Mom and Dad.(No offense…!!!... But still…)

I am still an immature “child”, stubborn as a mule for the silliest issues. Even thou my friends and well-wishers agree with these, they stick to the part that 'm mature enough to marry. And when I open my mouth to argue about something with my dad, he says you’re still a child, but a child who’s old enough to marry??!!!

You grow up in a place where you were pampered, spoiled and lived like an adamant princess with a king size bedroom which you guard as if it's your life and never allow a single soul to get inside without your permission and suddenly you are asked to move out to some other place leaving all your people and possessions and that too on a permanent basis where you share a home with people most likely strangers to you at that moment… and more over share a room with a perfect stranger at that point. … (I know, Maybe later on you won’t even able to think about that place without him…. But that’s LATER ON…)

Till yesterday he was perfect doing all his chores and today just cos he’s married he can’t even find his socks!! You who never even took care of yourself are now supposed to “look after” him like a kid. You who never bothered to cook a decent meal for your own taste buds are required to cook for him all the meals and that too in an international standard.  And once you who bragged to yourself that you’ll never change or never alter a bit from who you are, is supposed to tune yourself to that particular HIM and his family. And he who would never even dares to even think about that!!!

And now this guy will decide to whom you talk, how long you will be on phone, who will stay as your friends,  where u go, what time you’ll be back and a guy’s name from you will cause raised eye brows and a female’s name from his mouth should be treated just as a friend or a colleague!!!!

WHAT THE HELL!!!!  Why everyone is eager to push a girl who’s enjoying her single life and freedom with her friends and family into been someone’s doll!!!!

When I feel like falling into the bloody trap I'll let the world know!

Now, Do leave me alone!!!!!!

P.S. Been a person who are surrounded by an awesome Dad, a sweet brother, some lovely bro-in-laws and very genuine male friends.... I know that world is so  full of good guys who treat the women of their life with love and respect. So all the above arguments are just the silly reasons I come up with, whenever the topic of marriage creeps up in family. Pretty lame! I Know! :D

P.S.S. God bless all the couples.