Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happiness and Gratitude.


Only one more month to go for this year to officially bid alvida. And to be frank, this was one hell of a year. There were so many rough patches and downhills along the road. Saw birth, death, love, breakups, marriages and all those usual dramas yet essential moments of life. Made some new relations but some old ones didn't survive. 

And my Blog this was a really good year. I was been introvert in the blogosphere but the April Challenge triggered me to meet some beautiful people. Got lucky enough to be a part of  an awesome tribe whom you could count at any time of the day or night for anything under/over the sun. 

Thank you Dear Blogger Friends. You people made me smile everyday with your words! :)

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This year was not one of the best for me but no complaints. There were times when I wished to turn the clock back and just to wipe of those not-so-good moments of life. But, what's there in a ride without some humps and bumps, Na?

"We only live once. We all have an expiration date after that we will never come again. I am not saying that to make you sad. I am saying that so you can cherish each moment in your life and be grateful that you are here and you are Special”  ― Pablo

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I always try to find happiness in small things around me so that o don't have to wait for something huge to happen to be happy. So I'm grateful to all those happiness.

And for me ...

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  • Opening my eyes to my loved ones
  • Early morning "Good morning" wishes in Whatsapp
  • A cup of steaming hot coffee/chocolate
  • Love for books
  • Love for writing
  • Getting drenched in the first rain of the season
  • Possessiveness of little brother when I ignore him for someone else
  • Friends - near n far, online n offline
  • Able to work and to get lazy
  • My Blog. 
  • Scribbling down in my notebook
  • Getting a mail informing about a new comment in a post
  • Chocolates!!!
  • Unexpected hugs
  • Knowing someone is missing you right at the moment
  • To be the reason for a person's smile
  • Able to irritate a person to the core, and still call him a 'friend'
  • Amble balance in phone and bank
  • Fluffy blankets and pillows to get drown at night
  • A long ride - alone to do all those self talking/pitying/singing and with  dear ones to have a galla time
  • Been alive to experience this world.

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“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

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So Friends, What are you Grateful for today?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Had I looked back....

Had I looked back I could see a child who brought hope as he came to this

A child who's smile brightened up their world and in whom they saw their tomorrows. They lived and breathe in him and led his life as if it was their's... While trying to bring him up, they forgot that even thou a child, he's also an individual with his own mind and opinions. 

Had I looked back I could see an unhappy soul behind the happy face...

A child ... who wanted to fly out far but who's wings got chained by someone else's dreams.

This is written for Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday's prompt... "Had I looked back..." which was given by Nischala who blogs at Verve.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

You were always there...

I miss you.

When uprooted myself to a place which provided bread and butter to my family go for the past 20+ years,  I never thought I will have to miss you. At the age of six we became acquaintance and then best friends. When I joined a boarding school, you saved me from homesickness and tucked me safe from all those seniors/old boarders scenario. When they saw me with you, they tagged me as a quite girl for which they regretted very soon. Later on, even when homesickness rolled itself and went under the bed, you helped me to get through all those long boring study hours which were strictly monitored by the Bride's of God who reminded me of jail wardens.

Even when childhood days went far behind, you were beside me saying,  "There's still so much of myself for you to discover". We used to meet at the most sophisticated places, where I saw a very polished and shining version of yours and also among the street vendors where I saw an tired, worn out but yet an experienced side of yours. And till date I don't know which one I prefer cos I loved both.

But now, here where you could see skyscrapers and architectural wonders, where you get the best coffee/chocolates/anything or the original/duplicates of the most modern brands, I couldn't find you.

Oh! Dear Library, you can't even imagine how terribly I miss you. And that's when I was forced to turn to your grandchildren. Even thou they serve the purpose, I miss touching you. Miss getting drowned in your smell and going to sleep hugging you. The excitement of holding a new book, the ecstasy of the smell of old books, the pride of seeing a ever growing pile of books at the favourite corner of my house is something your new generation could never offer. But still I'm grateful that they are here to give me companionship like their ancestors.

Thank you so much for taking me to your world and gifting me yourself when I was kid and still pampering me as if I'm a child. You are the best thing that happened to me.

This post is written for Write Tribe's Wednesday Prompt: The Smell of Old books

Sunday, November 24, 2013

To, Mr.Life-of-Mine.

Dear Life,

How you doing? Where are you these days? I can't believe we were so close once and now you doesn't even acknowledge my presence. You have hurt me with this behavior of yours and very disappointed and sad when you just left me alone when I needed someone at my side like never before. 

The way you treat me nowadays makes me question you without any kindness. I haven't seen you but have only felt that powerful presence, so don't know which prototype you comes under. But going to address you as a guy.... cos I can't stand another version of me at the moment, even thou I find myself sweet and adorable most of the time.

So Mr. Life-of-Mine.... What are you doing with my life?? or moreover with yourself?? I know, I have messed it up more than enough, but don't you have the minimum courtesy to warn me or direct me to the right path. No... you were just enjoying the scenery Na?

I'm disappointed. Fully disappointed in you. I always counted you as someone who I could share not only my happiness, deep dark secrets but to turn to when 'm in trouble or in distress. But you were not even bothered about me. Even when I send a look-out notice for you... ignorance was your point..... guess you were having a gala time with Who-Know-Who-beauty.

Mr.Ignorant, don't you care for me and and my happiness? I thought my happiness was your ultimate aim... but it looks like impressing Who-Know-Who-beauty has out powered that. Whatever I don't care. I just don't care what you were doing or what you are gonna do. I wanna meet you ASAP. I need to talk to you and I need to sort my life ourselves. 

So be quick and GET BACK TO WORK before I take back my forgiverance and sack you from job permanently!!! 



This post is written for the Write Tribe Letters Unsent Series and this time we had to send a letter to "The person who caused a lot of pain / Someone you wish you could forgive"

Monday, November 18, 2013

A small footstep

Out in the cold moonless night with not even a star to jolt a tiny beam of hope, she stepped on to the highest stone of the building. She saw her life tumbling down as if it were made of cards. She could see her long awaited future closing down on her. Feeling lost and having no clue where to turn for comfort she stood rooted to the ground.

She saw the glam of the city below her. People walking as fast as their legs could take and ignoring the rest of the world. No one stopped to acknowledge others. They were in a hurry to live their life as if it was their last day. Are we all like this? Chasing the future, neglecting the present and forgetting the past? She wondered.

Every thoughts were pondering in her head and making her sick. She wanted to step down. She knew, you can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another. She was very much aware of that cos that's what she was doing for long. And that's when she finally decided to stop moving and to take the final leap. A journey away from her loved ones and without any painful tomorrows. With all the muffled thoughts and memories she took a small step forward, into the darkness, as if it was her first but was supposed to be her last.

I chose the quote  “You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.”  (The Sun Also Rises)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Light of his life.

When she first saw her mom's wedding ring with her father’s name engraved on it... she wanted that. She was too stubborn that making something similar was the only option. Her father made a ring suitable for her little finger with a "Love Dad" engraving. That was her first jewelry. She proudly wore it everyday and everywhere and beamed whenever she looked at it. 

Niya was her Dad’s girl. And he was her Super Hero. It was a common knowledge even to her mother that he was her favorite parent.

And today was her wedding. He suddenly felt lonely. They lost her mother five years ago. And from then, it was just the father and daughter. They filled each others life. And now with her gone to her new home he felt completely lost. Breaking the thread of his thoughts he heard his phone vibrating.

38 missed calls in 10 minutes! He wondered what was going on. And why he didn't hear it before.
On the next ring he took the call...

"Dad! Where were you? I have been calling you for long."

"Niya?!! What happened? Are you alright? Do you want me to come over?"

"Relax Dad. I'm perfectly alright. I just wanted to tell.... I love you Dad. You are best thing that ever happened in my life. Thank you for been a sweetheart even when I was a Brat. I miss you so dearly.... Please do take care of yourself."

Hearing her words he felt moisture gathering in his eyes and how he wished she'd never grown up.

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Their day of Love.

Beachside, full moon, candle light dinner, champagne, dozens of red roses, loads of chocolates, her romantic hero in a Shah Rukh Khan like tuxedo at her command,  making her feel like a Princess ..... ..... awe... that was supposed to be her dream date. 

But in reality something else happened.

Years before, if she had to describe herself, she would have pointed to Anjali (Kajol) of Kuch kuch hota hai. Tomboy, talkative, adamant, never missed a chance to get into her cosy jeans type, male friends dominated the friend list and remotely expressive.

So when many of her friends were falling heads over heels in love with their soul mates she declared herself immune to this love disease. But as always, whenever she  thinks of something, God comes up with just the opposite with a smirk on his face. With a wicked smile he pushed a button on his most sophisticated gadget, and there appears a man out of blue into her life. Huh!

It was time when FB was yet to gain popularity and Orkut was booming. She met her Mr. Man through that, but in few seconds came to know that he was her senior. Gosh! Ragging! That was her first thought. But thanks to her lucky stars, she never got a chance to meet him on campus. Even thou he was heading the anti ragging team, he got a notorious looking gang of friends. The mere sight of any of them could increase her gangs BP!

Their first chat never had any inhibitions or what-to-say-next dilemma. In fact it was very easy going as they had so much to gossip about their own college and department. And when they said bye and logged off for the night she knew this guy was going to cause her some sleepless nights. And before she could take it all, they were in love!
She shared this change of her relationship status with her friends. First, they won't believe that "She" was in a relation, second, that too with a person she haven't met even once. And to her surprise everyone in her gang have seen him in campus except for her. But by then he was already out of college and even out of the country.

After one month of their technology enhanced relation, they finally met in person. The day they met in real for the first time was actually weird. They knew each other so well, but still were strangers. She was nervous but with a bold face. Seeing him there right in front of her, made her realise that she was actually in love with this human being. She didn't hear any church bells ringing, or any signs like in a Nicholas Sparks or Nora Roberts book.

They had their happy moments and cat fights too. He got possessive at the mention of her male friends. And she disapproved of his social circle. Above all the distance was also taking a toll on them. They knew they had separate lifes now and if needed a future together, they should  have to make it work now, and they were determined to do so. But she was having second thoughts. "Am I with the wrong person? Was this relation something out of my impulsiveness?" But still he felt real. She decided to follow her heart. What if he turns out to be her soulmate? 

One Saturday morning when she was lazily enjoying her weekend, her phone rang. To her utter most delight it was Mr. Man from the airport. He was in town for two days. She was too surprised and happy to question.

Next day they decided to met. And he came with his sisters. He wanted a green signal from them. If its a No from the little ones... then that's a serious issue they have to deal with. But that was one thing she initially liked about him. He was a  devoted family person. Perfect son and brother. 

Sisters time turned out to be fun and after dropping them home they went for shopping. Before that, knowing that she was a bibliophile, he took her to the book expo that was happening there and allowed her to drool all over the books and even bought her some, which gained him extra points. Then they went to a near by park. All of a sudden he became so serious and philosophical about life and relationships.

"My sisters loved you"... he told.

"So is this happiness and talks cos of that. .."

"Maybe... and I bought you something..."

"Huh! Another book?... "

"Seriously don't you have any other obsession other than this?..."

When she grinned sheepishly to that, he opened a small box and took out a ring! A thin golden band with a small heart in the middle.

Wow! Her heart started fluttering.

But she was too numb to say anything.

And her mind was freaking out. "God! He's not going to ask me to marry him. Aren't we too early for that... I am not even out of college... no... don't let him..."

Sensing her fear and uneasiness he said,  "Don't give me that look. I will ask you to marry me, but not now. Come on. I am not that stupid. But when its the right time 'm just going to do that. Then don't stare at me like this. I wanted to gift you something. So why not this?".
She looked at him dumbstruck.

"You are precious to me, no matter how much we fight or tear each other or despite the distance between us. If ever you get any doubts about us, this will always remind you of our happy moments together. And... you can even consider this as a pre-marriage-proposal.... if you want... but I hope this will erase your thoughts and doubts about us."

She was confused. She never told him anything that was in her mind. And she asked the same to him."How do you know all that was going through my head?"

He smiled .... "Do you think that I can't read you? I know you better than you know yourself."

With that and a wink he gave her the ring of their love which was made of hope and promises for a lifetime.

That moment made her realise that, in every girl's love story there's a bit of fairy tale and once in a while her man turns to Prince Charming and sweeps her off her feet. And that was her moment, when he came just to ensure her about them and to tell her that she was his future, no matter what.

Even thou, as time passed and many more happier moments followed, that was her fairy tale moment of bliss and Platinum day of love. It just gave her strength to follow her heart confident and grow more in love.

Even now she clutches that gold band strongly when she needs a pinch of hope. 

........... .......... .............

Linking this to the Platinum day of love contest by Indiblogger.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

That Three Words.

"I love you"...

"Why?"... she questioned back

"...I don't know... just love you."

She didn't say anything. But gazed out of the window to the moon. Moon. Her fantasy world. She was always amused by that unreachable destination. So beautifully cold and appeared differently everyday. She felt so near to it yet far. Like them? She wondered.

He was her childhood. They grew up together. Their folks were always in touch even when they kept away from one another. Would there had been any difference in them if they hadn't lost track? Maybe they would had a better definition for their relation. Maybe she would have turned out to be as someone else. More tuned in life.

Life always had that specialty of taking people away at the wrong time or giving at the worst. Or more else taking someone back permanently along with a part of us.

All sort of thoughts were going through her mind. Unsettled and disturbed she kept gazing out.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lost in two worlds.

She lived in a state of constant pain. Nothing done or seen or touch does not remind her of her beloved.
Nights meant for those quiet moments..... talking..... laughing...... dreaming...... loving....  are now megaphones for her pain..... amplifying back so that it slams her into submission. There were no holiday’s..... there were no anniversaries..... no birthdays...... lest she counted the anniversary of her beloved’s death. She started counting the days since he left her.Her world was never right after he left her.... like a shattered glass it was destroyed to thousand pieces.... she tried to glue it together... and it did work.... but....... only for a short time. Gradually she understood dat a broken piece will always be broken... and evn if its mended it wont look the same.

In the beginning, she had a numbness that allowed her to exist. Then her memory turned into images like an old silent movie, flickers of images but no detail. Now she remembered details. It was like seeing fire, being burned before, knowing it will hurt, and sticking your hand in anyway. In her mind she inspected his face, his look, what did she miss, what could she have done to save him. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But the thought of not having him near her.... kills her each moment. Her near and dear ones tried to console her, but she was beyond all that.

In between all this, one thing she didn't knew that they were been watched, from the other world. He wanted to tell her it's going to be ok and that he's fine here.

But... the differences between the two worlds stood as a barrier between them.

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Brother, You are 14!

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday…

Happy birthday…
Happy birthday to Achu.....
  Clap. Clap. Clap.

Blow the candles, close your eyes and make a wish... ... ...

May all your wishes and dreams and hopes come true. May you get everything you want.  May you have all the happiness, smiles, joys, health, wealth, love, girlfriends, your Nike, Ray Ban, IPhone, Lamborghini, Ferrari or whatever brands you desire.

Happy Fourteenth Sweetheart.

I feel as a if you were born just yesterday and within few hours you have grown up to be 14. My life would have been so different if it wasn't for you. I would have felt lost without having you by my side. Wherever I go, you always used to follow. Whether its a girls day out or friends get together, you were a inseparable part of mine. But now you have grown up and so ready to fly away from home. How time flies...

As I always tell, follow your heart. Do what you love in life. Never give up your dreams and passion for anyone or anything. Make mistakes but learn from them. Be kind, humble and lovable. Always have a smile for others. You are just awesome the way you are. But yeah, all those pamperings from everyone have made you a bit irresponsible. But you are moving your way up to that "perfect gentleman".

Always remember, whatever you do, wherever you are, how old you become, I'll be always there for you. Like today, in your tomorrows also, you'll be having all the right to stamp through my door at any time. But knocking now and then is appreciable.

Despite all this, I am still gonna act immature to you, irritate you, fight with you or use my nails to draw on your skin, but will be there as always. You can surely count me in if ever you feel lost. I won’t promise that I’ll lead you through the right way, even thou I’ll try, but won’t let you be lost on your own.

Happy Birthday to my sweetest, handsome Brother! You are the most lovable person, not always but almost every time.

I love you. I love you. I love you infinitely. :* 

P.S. I absolutely love the way you feel jealous when I ignore you to message/talk to my friends when with you. It just makes me special. :P

God Blez you always.