Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brother, You are 14!

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday…

Happy birthday…
Happy birthday to Achu.....
  Clap. Clap. Clap.

Blow the candles, close your eyes and make a wish... ... ...

May all your wishes and dreams and hopes come true. May you get everything you want.  May you have all the happiness, smiles, joys, health, wealth, love, girlfriends, your Nike, Ray Ban, IPhone, Lamborghini, Ferrari or whatever brands you desire.

Happy Fourteenth Sweetheart.

I feel as a if you were born just yesterday and within few hours you have grown up to be 14. My life would have been so different if it wasn't for you. I would have felt lost without having you by my side. Wherever I go, you always used to follow. Whether its a girls day out or friends get together, you were a inseparable part of mine. But now you have grown up and so ready to fly away from home. How time flies...

As I always tell, follow your heart. Do what you love in life. Never give up your dreams and passion for anyone or anything. Make mistakes but learn from them. Be kind, humble and lovable. Always have a smile for others. You are just awesome the way you are. But yeah, all those pamperings from everyone have made you a bit irresponsible. But you are moving your way up to that "perfect gentleman".

Always remember, whatever you do, wherever you are, how old you become, I'll be always there for you. Like today, in your tomorrows also, you'll be having all the right to stamp through my door at any time. But knocking now and then is appreciable.

Despite all this, I am still gonna act immature to you, irritate you, fight with you or use my nails to draw on your skin, but will be there as always. You can surely count me in if ever you feel lost. I won’t promise that I’ll lead you through the right way, even thou I’ll try, but won’t let you be lost on your own.

Happy Birthday to my sweetest, handsome Brother! You are the most lovable person, not always but almost every time.

I love you. I love you. I love you infinitely. :* 

P.S. I absolutely love the way you feel jealous when I ignore you to message/talk to my friends when with you. It just makes me special. :P

God Blez you always.


  1. My goodness, this is so sweet! Happy birthday to your brother. My younger brother used to follow me around and beg me to tell him my stories. Good memories...

    1. Thank you so much Crystal.

      Having a sibling is an extra blessing throughout life. :)

  2. Happy birthday to your brother .. :) sibling always are blessing .. agreed to your post script .. even i felt that some time .. when ever me and my younger sister fight she would stop talking and will behave as if she is the busiest person on the earth and have got no time for me.

  3. You are the most lovable person, not always but almost every time.

    Really gal! U hv to pull his leg on h9is bday too ;)