Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Birthday lil Brat! ;)

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday…

Happy birthday…

Happy birthday to to the sweetest, irritating and loving person in this world!

  Clap. Clap. Clap.
Blow the candles, close your eyes and make a wish... ... ...
May all your wishes and dreams and hopes come true. May you get everything you want.  May you have all the happiness, smiles, joys, health, wealth, love, your Nike, Ray Ban, IPhone, Lamborghini, Ferrari or whatever brands you desire.

Now! Dude! You are 13! Thirteeeennn???  Really??!!??  13 long years since you have been torturing me?

You have grown up soo much. I still remember holding you 13 years back. A lil bundle with lots of hair and who adamantly refused to cry and who sucked two fingers instead of a thumb. Seriously, you didn’t look beautiful then, but something like a lil monkey :D. But three months later when I saw you, the lil monkey had transformed to the most handsome baby boy I have ever seen till date. You were such a nice guy. No fuss, no cries, happy smiling baby. I loved holding you. I adored pampering you. Being 10 years elder, I got a chance to play Mom once in a while then. But I felt jealous too. Coz u took my place at home, and I was promoted to the post of elder sister.

You were the first person with whom I went out alone, to restaurants, cafes, movies, beach, and rides. First person who bravely got in my Scotty even before I learned to ride properly and we did fall down on that day itself, first to go for a drive with me, first to hear about my friends, my crazy talks, first to get the output of my mood swings, first person who notice my smiles and tears and to irritate me. :)

Till two years back, I looked after you, I took your hands while crossing the road, made sure you were ok when we went for outings or movies, took you to your favorite food outlets, made sure you got something you liked on your birthdays, bought you ice creams when you had irresistible cravings, spend almost all my pocket money on your junk foods. But now, you lead me as if you are my big bro, give me lectures, and buy me stuffs from your pocket money, takes a list of my male friends, tell me about your crushes, stand against Mom or Dad for me, note every small things I do or own. Wow! You really have grown up, my boy! And I simply love the way you act as if you are my elder one, even thou it gets under my skin at times.

As it’ said. “After a girl is grown, her little brothers - now her protectors - seem like big brothers.” - Astrid Alauda


Just wanna tell you, live your life the way you want it. But at the end of the day make sure your doings doesn’t hurt anyone. Especially family. Coz, relations, happiness and smiles are all that matters. Do mistakes but come out of them too. You don’t have to be perfect, but you should grow up as a lovable man with a good, kind and thoughtful heart. Make sure at every point of your life, you share everything with someone. Make sure someone knows you in and out.  

Sweetheart, how much you grow up, how much you blabber that you are not a child anymore, you will always be my lil one. Something like a first born. So anything, anywhere, even after you get a beautiful wife or become father for countless kids, you can knock my door at any time of the day/night to tell any crap.

Despite all this, I am still gonna act immature to you, irritate you, fight with you or use my nails to draw on your skin, but will be there as always. You can surely count me in if ever you feel lost. I won’t promise that I’ll lead you through the right way, even thou I’ll try, but won’t let you be lost on your own.

Happy Birthday to my sweetest, handsome Brother! You are the most lovable creature, not always but almost every time.

I love you. I love you. I love you infinitely. :* 

P.S. When you gonna buy me ice cream again? ;)

God Blez.



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