Friday, November 2, 2012

Till Date…

At 13, I never really had any confusion or worries or anything. I was good at school, maybe except for Maths. I was not terrible but was never good. I had more than enough of friends, pocket money, and boys never crossed my mind at that point as I was in a girl’s school. I never thought about the future, except for my next day’s school works and how I along with my peers could bunk the class. I loved my school and teachers too, so I was actually Happy!

At 15, I started worrying about my first Board exams. But still had fun. Me and my friends cleared my boards with a good score. So that was also happy endings, except for that all friends were going along different paths.

At 17, two years of 11th & 12th were horrible. Only coz I hated the place I studied. But there was an English teacher, who liked me soo much, even thou I was a huge trouble for her for two years.

At 20, I was heartbroken, but still I smiled and enjoyed life and college.

At 22, First time in life I was worried about the future. And had no idea where I was going and what ‘m gonna do.

One year later, even thou nothing changed much and I still worry about my tomorrows, I know everything is gonna happen as it is meant to be. We do play a certain role in it. And we are doing it or screwing it knowingly or unknowingly.

So, am I happy about my Today? No idea! But I am happy about this very moment.


P.S. Ramblings!!!

God Blez!


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