Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home! :)

It’s been almost 7 months since I landed here. This place despite been a foreign land was somewhat like a second home. Coz right from the age of 9, my vacations, even it was for one week or two months, were here. And ever since then my Dad’s here. So this place was and is the bread and butter of our family.

But living for almost whole of my life till 6 months back, except for 2months of every year, in my hometown and coming back here for settling was different. Vacations end in two months, but life doesn't,  and this migration was life.

What is different here compared to home?

Homeland! That’s the difference. You can’t attach the word “home” unless it’s your own. No matter what, you belong there. Your place, your language, your people.

A feeling of been in a strange land is always there in the air. At least for me.  I missed the sound, glow and liveliness of all the festives. This place is sophisticated but it lacks the warmth we feel back home. This place is far safer for everyone, but still it lack the familiarity. Well mannered, well ruled, disciplined but at times the wild child in me missed the unauthorized nature @home.

Do whatever you want, wear whatever you like, go where ever you wish. No one other than your family is gonna question you here, but I missed the poking noses of the society.

I missed my dear ones. I missed the divinity and the glow of my holy place. I missed my room which saw me grow. I missed my wheels, which tagged along with me. I missed the crumpled highways (God only knows how many times they have scraped my knees and hands), the roughness of the sea, the over crowed shops, the noisy nights, the not so posh theaters, the ice cream push carts in footpaths, the balloon vendors (setting a bunch of balloons free into the sky :D, that's just an happy feeling).

All these don’t mean I am betraying this place that’s providing me. No! I respect this place and love for the opportunity it gave me and the freedom it bequeathed on me.

This is absolutely home away from home but that is just more close to heart.

And I am leaving to her. Yup! Going back to visit her! :)

I used to come here for vacations in my early days, now I am going back home for vacation!

Countable days more to go......

P.S. Home is where the heart is. :) 

God Blez.


  1. There is no place like India. Enjoy ur holiday:)

  2. No matter where your homeland is, there is no other place quite like it anywhere else.

  3. No place like home like the saying goes...