Monday, November 12, 2012


We tend to love certain people like none other. They may not be our blood, partner, family or anyone. Just a random person we met along journey of life. But during that journey they become one of the important soul to us. They may be with us till the end, or they just go through another way. But what ever it is, they will always be there in our life visibly or invisibly.

So why do we love and give soo much importance to certain people?

Maybe out of familiarity.

Maybe out of understanding.

Maybe out of care.

Maybe out of friendship.

Maybe out of feelings.

Maybe out of passion.

Maybe coz the person makes you feel complete.

Maybe coz of the happiness you give each other.

Maybe coz they make you feel good.

Maybe coz of the smiles you give each other.

Maybe coz of what they are to you.

Maybe coz of what you become for them.

Maybe just coz you love that person.

A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself – to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart.
 – Anonymous

P.S. Keep Smiling. :)

God Blez.



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