Friday, November 30, 2012

My Hometown.

My place is always my own. Here 'm a stranger, a tourist in an unknown land, who came to seek the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. But till now not even the rainbow has come out of its hiding place.

I was a person who cheered for Pakistan in cricket and who prayed India to lose her crown in Miss World (but i was just 6 years, so guess it can be forgiven).

But now after living with her for more than half of my life i began to respect her, take pride in been her daughter, to have a space in her land and to be known to others as hers.

When compared to this strange land she may not have the perfect silky roads. But i can go where ever i want or walk till my feet ache and without fearing any sun stroke.

She may not have sophisticated malls and hangouts. But the street chaats and exhibition grounds reveal part of her soul, culture and lot of memories.

She may not have a 10 on 10 ruling authority but everyone enjoys the power. She doesn't show partiality in religions. For her every religion is the same and everyone is her child.

She doesn't believe in monopoly. A different telecom company is born every day offering the least call rates or even zero rates for their existence. But due to which I can actually talk to my people without checking my credit thrice in five minutes.

Her shopping outlets may not be air conditioned but they won’t burn a hole in your pockets.

She may not provide a stable electric power 24x7, but always opens the door to the freshness of nature.

The rain at her place may ruin your plans but keeps you cool during your grumpiest hour and will be your companion in solitude.

The beaches may not be seen with white sand, palm trees and calm, clear, blue water but it comforts and soothes your soul.

After dark it may not be safe to roam about in her land, but the courage and feeling of independence she provides is immense.

The street eat-outs won't be providing you with international cuisines but will serve you with a genuine smile.

The people in her land even thou a bit narrow minded, value family and relations above their job, status or worldly pleasures.

It’s said, ‘You don't realize the value of something unless u lose it.' Here i didn't lose anything, rather i gained knowledge of the love and passion i have for my place. The land which provided space for every mood swings of mine.

My country is not perfect, but she is mine and she makes me feel at home.

Whenever i came back to you in the past, you welcomed me warm heartedly and the nectar from the skies embraced me.

I miss u.

I just miss being with you.

P.S. Keep Smiling.

God Blez.

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