Saturday, November 17, 2012


Last week in our church here, a guy died of meningitis. He was rather young, recently married and his wife is also working here. Even thou he was a member of our church, he never kept in touch with anyone or came to church. So when he died actually no one came to know, unless someone from Kerala called our parish priest and said the news. And it was with much difficulty they identified the person and their residence and did all the legal formalities to get his body back to Kerala.

As always I say and believe life is unpredictable. Birth, death, accidents... anything can happen to a person. So why make it difficult to the rest of the people. When the guy died, literally the wife was to shaken to do anything. And in a foreign place she was all alone, with a dead husband, no relatives, maybe some colleagues and some huge lot of legal formalities. And when people from our church rushed to her, she was relieved. Atleast she could rely upon someone.

In life it’s always important to have family and friends and a good social circle. Especially if you are in a foreign place away from family and your close relations, get to know someone at that place and keep in touch with the community. There should be someone who knows everything about us. There should be at least a soul, apart from family or better half, who knows us to the core. Human relation are always more important than money, profession, time and whatever follows.

If you have a person or two who could read your mind from your voice or face, I believe you are richest.


P.S. Keep Smiling.

God Blez.

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