Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BFF !!! Happy Birthday.


Happieee happiee birthday to u. May U have all the happiness in the world. God bless you tremendously. :)

I know i have been rude, arrogant and stubborn to u for past few days but as its your birthday i wanna be extra nice to you. So today No fights. No SRM. I promise. :)

Never thought we'll be friends and would last this long. Kiddos to Us!!! Someone almost different from me. But we do share the same wavelength to some extent. Years in college with you was really worthy. Worthy enough to treasure you always. So don't worry i'll be always around as your Peace hacker. Promise. Without my fingers crossed. ;))

Be the same. Having our word wars, cold wars and chottu mottu fights makes our bonding more strong. I know your value soo much and priorities will be incomplete if its not for you. But as always i'l be stubborn. :P and i know u'l tolerate me...beacuse u'r suppose to. :D. I won't stop teasing you EVER. And you can expect me doing the same even in-front of ur future wifey and kidds. :D

Hope you liked the gift.

Happy Birthday.
Always be Happy and Keep smiling.


( I just wished u and kept the phone. Miss u Yaaar. )

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