Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How do I tell her about you...

How do I tell her about you .... the person who made me see the beauty of the world. Who made me realize that happiness is not something to be chased but it should happen spontaneously.

You showed me that life is all about moments and when one spend those moments with the person they like, then life seems to be beautiful and fun to live.

I wanted to show you the beauty of this world, but instead you made me see all those in your eyes.
How do I tell her about you... without falling in love with you, again.

Written for 100 Words on Saturday @Write Tribe

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Earliest Memory...

Today we (blogging friends at Write Tribe) decided to jot down our Earliest memories in our Blogs. I was tagged by Jyothi ... 

So here goes a very small incident from my wonder years...

I was around 4 years and was studying in KG-1 in a school in UAE. I remember having two boys as my friends, wonder why I don't remember having any girls in my friend list until I got back to Kerala. Anyways, back to KG days. In class I sit in between these two guys and us three used to blabber all throughout the class. Been good children in spite of our tongues we were spared by most of the teachers until a North Indian teacher joined the school. I don't remember her name or details except she lacked that warmth of a teacher.

So one day she comes to class and saw us indulged in our own world. She gave us a warning and we did keep quiet until she finished the lessons. Again we started. Warning turned to changing places. But nothing could keep me from my friends. Seeing all this and the disobedient me, teacher lost her temper and slapped me on my face. Been the youngest and most pampered child, I was too shocked and stubborn even to cry. And when Mom came to pick me my cheeks told her the story even before I did. And even before I knew it, Principal changed my class. Even thou I was sad to leave my friends begin I was happy to go from her class.

I don’t even remember whether the slap caused me any pain or not. But I do remember how my Mom made sure that I was not put in her class again and also scolding me for making the teacher angry. 

I remember how the kids and children welcomed me into their midst with such of warmth. 

I remember how my boy-friends used to meet me religiously at all intervals.

I guess, that tiny tot incident taught me how much I screw up in life, my parents would be there for me, even thou I have to face their scolding’s first. And no matter what, some people could make you feel good just with a smile. 

And the best one was, I never felt bad or had any grudges against my teacher, I was all smiles very soon. But if that happened now, I could have made quite an hungama ... cos, as I grew up the innocence of childhood just washed off... 

But now, as I write this, I can fully understand why that teacher of mine lost her temper.... even as an adult, I can't tolerate myself, so at that age I would have been the worse... and my poor teacher must have been really frustrated with all my drama.... ;)

..... Now I'm tagging Kathy Combs. And off to travel along with her down her memory lane. 

So what's your earliest memory.... do share it .... :)


This post was a group effort of the Ladies from Write Tribe. All started when Vidya Sury asked us to share our favorite photo in our FB group. And now 20 ladies shared their Earliest Memory in a single day. Thanks to Corinne and Shilpa for sorting it all out. :)

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