Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where art thou, Muse?

One fine day when my life was not doing so fine, out of whim I decided to write about that. And gradually every quietly my blog was born. Initially I was the only person around, but that didn’t bother me. I just wanted a space to scribble down my thoughts. Some time passed and then April came. A-Z challenge happened. It’s a Geminian trait that you commit for anything and everything. Likewise I also did. But fortunately I completed the whole month. There I met many like-minded people and I started writing more, exploring more, getting inspired, got befriended and my blog was blooming. Again A-Z happened and many prompts and challenges and fests too. And some years passed with so much of writing. 

When I started the blog, I was full time student, then a full time working woman in real life. But still I was able to take care of my space. But then I gave up my 9-5 desk job for my own work-space. Slowly work started to eat me up. Books, movies and sleep took up the little free time I got. I didn’t know at the other side of the world, my muse was waiting for me patiently to at least have a glance at him. But I was too busy to attend and eventually he got bored waiting for me, so he took a long vacation! Yes. He did that! I think it’s only a vacation since I believe and truly hope that he can’t really leave me. Can he? 

So here I’m waiting for him to return with some juicy gossips and some dark tales from his almost a yearlong wander life.