Sunday, July 30, 2017

Moving Away ...

After ten years of marriage they sat across each other with light years of miles between them. In the silence each tick of the clock echoed their ears. Sometimes when people love each other fiercely, just a bit of a strain can be the reason for the brittleness of their relation. 

Years ago if it was their love for children that brought them together, today it's the loss of a child that tore them away. Initially they grieved together but when their grief took different routes they just couldn’t stay together anymore.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Break Some Rules.

Have you ever thought, “Hell No, I’m done with these rules!”? I have.

Plenty of times.

Two days ago I was talking about the same with a friend of mine about how I am with some rules and restrictions that tags along with them.  I am not a person or never being one of them who could break rules just like that even when I have such an image.

Initially, I try to obey them, then when the rules starts to choke me, I bend them a bit to have that air space and finally when I’m breathless I break them!

I was am (not sure anymore), tagged as a rebel, tom-boy and stubborn. I took the life transformative decisions in haste or rather gave up to my parents. And no, they didn’t impose any of them on me. They asked my opinion and I just let them have their way. But one thing I discovered rather late was that I never gave upon my decisions or likes. I just weighed my opinions as secondary, and acted slowly.


When I decided my happiness were way more important than others, I was breaking the selfless rule.

When I decided that my integrity was far worthy than any relation, there I broke a rule.

When I chose not to wear the *nishaani’s of marriage to please the public, I broke the good-wife rule.

When I befriended more males than females, I broke the nice-girl rule.

When I decided to walk-out of life-ruining situations, I was labeled as an arrogant lady and there I broke a rule.

When I dismayed to be silent against the obscenities of a man, I was breaking the **adarsh Bhartiya naari rule.

When I raised voice against the lies and embarrassment one bestowed upon me, I was the breaking the compromise rule and ‘girls don’t raise their voice’ rule.

This rule … That rule

Blah blah blah!

There are going to be millions to tag you, label you, poke you even drag you down when you break some nonsense rules and start thinking and acting the way you wish to. But just keep in mind, that none of them are walking in your shoes. Only you, you alone will understand your path and will be able to make decisions for you.

Don’t give up that right of yours for anything and anyone.

So go on… Break some rules.

For your …

Happiness … Freedom … Life 

And for yourself.

You’ll be fine. Actually, more than fine. 

* nishaani’s of marriage  - Signs of marriage like wedding ring.

** adarsh Bhartiya naari – Ideal Indian Woman

Read Ishitaa's Blogpost too on Break Some Rules, You will be fine.  I got this post idea from her's. 

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Monday, July 24, 2017

The One That Got Away

If I say “I miss you" that would be an understatement.
I miss the fact that you're missing life and the things that might have happened in your life.
I miss seeing your face pop up in my social media.
I miss your existence.
And that sneaks hatred into me.
I hate that you would remain ageless when the world beneath you grows old.
I hate to see the world moving on without you, and there's absolutely no chaos in that.
I hate the conversations where I get to listen nothing.
I hate the mornings when I feel grumpy missing your physical being
I hate the nights when I miss your warmth.
I hate that you haunts me every day without my permission.
I hate that you got away from me.
All because …

I miss you. 

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