Monday, October 16, 2017

A Compliment ...

In school, the teacher told me to keep quiet
And stop complaining even though
The sweet boy next to me was bullying me

The principal in my college told me
To shut my mouth and enlightened me that ragging
Is a must for mental strength

My boss demanded to prove myself multiple times
For that promotion I deserved
When my male colleague was handed that in a jiff

At the age of 24 I was forced to see men
So that could they could judge me, mark me
And weigh me against dowry

At 25 I was told by in-numerous aunts, uncles and neighbors
It’s high time to find a man to protect me because
Society doesn’t have the heart to hold single girls of 25+

At 27 I became a spoilt girl when
Decided to walk out of a marriage
They said emotional abuse was nothing

All these people had one thing in common
Even though the situations varied
Scenarios changed
Personalities differed

All these people had one thing to say
One compliment to make me smile
That I was Disobedient.

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Today’s Prompt – “Disobedience”

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

One last time ...

My heart skipped a beat seeing your face
It makes me blush from inside
It makes the butterflies in my tummy to do somersaults
It fulfills me with peace
It makes up for my longing
Gives me more reasons to smile.

But the wound on your forehead
It aches my heart
The pain you went through makes me miserable
To know that you were completely alone
When you looked out for a familiar face
It makes me sad.

Now as I stand near to you with bated breath
I wish you could look at me
Tell me that, everything is going to be alright
That it’s just a bad dream with a happy forever
If only, 
If only, you could just come out of that coffin and hug me.

One last time ….

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Today’s Prompt – “Bated Breath”

Monday, October 9, 2017

72 Hours

She was waiting in the airport terminal for more than an hour now. His flight had been delayed, the board says. She got another two more hours to kill alone. She felt angry. Three hours out of the 48 hours they get. Time races as if on a F1 race when they're together. They barely meet and then it's time to part. 

They have been doing this for 15 years now. This parallel life of 72hours.

Both of them have their own set of Giggles, smiles, tears and sorrows at the opposite side of the globe from each other. Both of them have made their own mark in their place. Both of them have their own set of ideologies and opinions. Both of them doesn’t even exist in each other’s life until when a year starts crawling to its' last month, then they collide, with so much of power. As if their identities are invisible, their thoughts don’t float, their lives don’t breathe. 

They meet for 72 hours, stealing away from the world for themselves.

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Today’s Prompt – “Terminal”

Friday, October 6, 2017

Out of the books ...

Remember all those slumber parties in Enid Blyton books which we all were hoping to have in real life? The cellars and rooftop scenes? What if a place could give you that experience in real life?

Some people just happen in your life. And that's how I met a friend of mine who is now fondly referred as a coffee affair. When a routine movie plan was dropped we cousins and friends decided to drop in to his place which I was just familiar from his words and videos and pictures.

But what awaited us was more than a mere house.

It was an experience.

Those high roofs, cellars, brick walls, vast open spaces, balconies with cozy seats where you can spend hours lost in books or nature, wall attached beds which gives you a feeling of sleeping inside an open cave, big rooms where you can have midnight parties like those girls in Malory Towers, huge windows which give assess to roof to reach there like the cousins in Famous Five. Oh! Wish I had some photographs to share with you all.

It was a one moment of soulgasm. 

It was a walk through a beautiful book past, where the images from all those books I read, the scenes I so wished could live, came true. 

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Today’s Prompt – “Nostalgia”

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Patterns can be Wrong.

Settling down into the favorite corner of my couch, with the television running in mute, laptop on and a browser open with YouTube playing a song, I am desperately thinking about what to write on the prompt “Patterns”.

This has been my life for some time now. Late nights are usually slouched in the couch; with reading or a movie. I tend to stay up till really late even when I’m dead tired. And mornings are a rush to join the run and to make sure not to fall out of the race. There are times, when the question ‘what’s the purpose of life’ starts screaming on my face with big capital letters and a huge question mark.

If asked, whether I am happy at the moment, I would say partially. I love what I am doing. But … yes, there are so many buts to it. I gave up so much of dreams and aspirations and self being for this, which shades down the happiness.

I am scared to take the big foot and step out into the world.

I am scared to hurt the dear ones.

I am scared to follow my heart not at the fear of failure but at the fear of giving the unexpected to the expected minds.

I am scared to break the pattern I have created even when it tires me out.

I am scared but I know I am strong enough to do anything my heart sets in. It just … might take some more nights and cajoling and threatening myself.

One thing I have learned is that, after a while of living, a pattern sets in. But it’s up to you whether you admire the design or redraw the whole thing, adding more colors and lines and erasing some lines here and there, if needed.

Don't ever settle down for the wrong patterns in life. 

What’s the pattern of your life? Have you ever wished to redraw it?

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Today’s Prompt – “Pattern”

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

I am sacred

I am scared

To be with someone

To be vulnerable

To open up enough to someone to break or make my heart

To be his 2am innocence

Or his 6am love

To be his surety in uncertainties

Or his existence in doubts

To be his smiles in tears

Or his confidence when shattered

To be his light when dark

Or to hold his hand tightly

I am scared to be someone’s whole

Or even someone’s someone. 

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Unapologetically be Unique. - #U

Dear Daughter, 

People around us make our life beautiful. But you cannot love all the people. And all the people won’t like you too.

When you have like-minded souls around you it will make your days and times much better. These people accept you for who you're. Love you for your wilderness and weirdness. And they no matter what will be there for you even when you're an absolute mess. And now there are another group of people who need you in their life, but not as you're. They need someone entirely opposite to you. They might not like the way you look, walk, or the loudness you exhibit. They need you but someone who is completely different. But do we need people like that in our lives? Do we need people who can't accept for who you're?

No! You don't!

You started your life bright eyed and bushy tail. Never lose that.

You just need people who'll accept you as you're rather than trying to change you to someone else. Love you for the stubborn woman you're rather than trying to change you to a quite sophisticated lady you're not. An original is always, always better than a duplicate. 
Only you deserve to bring a change in yourself...No one else. So no matter what, be yourself and fall in love with yourself every moment.

Unapologetically be yourself. 

Unapologetically dare to be different. 

"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself. "



P.S. This year I signed in for the #AtoZ2017 Challenge, which I had to leave midway. I was doing a Letter Series which I so badly wanted to complete. So gradually and slowly I am doing that now. And no, I am not going to writing them in order. 

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