Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Coffee Affair ...

Most of the coffee lovers spend their morning with the coffee as if it's their divine love. Me too actually. I hold my coffee mug for a few moments feeling the warmth of the cup on my hands, and then inhale its strong aroma and somehow I close my eyes doing that. Then the first sip of coffee.... That is heaven. What if we make our life just as special as this coffee-affair?

Yesterday it was the mark of my 26th year in this world. And you know what I missed the most... the moments I would have with my dear ones if they were around. And you know what made me sad... thinking next year I'll miss spending time with these people I have today. And you know what made me happy... that I got some good memories with them.

Some years ago I thought a job with a good pay would make me happy. No! But now I realize only a job which is my passion could make me happy. And a full wallet is not enough to bring smile to your face. You need people with whom you could spend some quality time with to have that smile. I believe life is all about the moments we create and enjoy with ourselves and our loved ones. What's the point in living without enjoying it?

Life is so busy these days running around to juggle between work and home. But that is not going to stop or life itself is not going to put a comma for you to slow down and have that coffee in peace. We have to do it ourselves. Have a coffee affair alone or with a dear friend once in awhile. Catch up what's happening in each other's life or relive the old days. Create memories and good relations. Because on your next birthday even before you check your social status or bank account you're going to look around to see whether you got all your dear ones near you and whether you added anyone else to the list. And while blowing your candle you'll be thinking about your yester year's moments and not the meeting you have to attend the next day.

Don't give up on your own happy-evers. And if your happy-ever is that me-time-tea-time, do it. Or that solitude bookworm moment, seize it. Or a coffee conversation with a friend, go for it. Or a Skype time with a dear one across miles, log in for that.

Live your moments and stay happy and make your life as special as possible, because that's our ultimate dream and that's why we are here.