Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Simple happy blessings...

The most unpredictable thing in this world is life. It moves on with its ups and down. One day it can be a boring routine. And the next minute, an exciting roller-coaster. And there are those moments, when we get those unexpected pleasant moments, which gives us a happy surprise. Those moments when you feel blessed, happy and even special. Those serendipity moments are the best. I had so much of such moments in my life. Love showed up in my doorway in a similar way. Wishes and blesses came to me like happy surprises.

Long before I lost a friend to death, and there are some moments when I miss that person like so much. Before it goes on for long, I’ll get a call from one of our mutual friends, or someone from that person’s side or hear that one song we both like. For me those are serendipitous blessings.

That one moment when you are all ready to fight the villain thinking you are alone but when turned back you see all of your family standing beside. It was indeed a moment of serendipity for me.

When in college we were a gang of six girls. We laughed, learned, ate and even fought together. There was even a period when we ignored a single one out of the five just because we were stupid. But years down the lane, when the college girls turned to young adults, we learned to forgive and let go of all the past and regain the magic of friendship. Now tomorrow she’s getting married. And that too, to the man boy (still a boy, looks like one too) who never gave up a chance to irritate any one of us, yet proved to be one reliable and strong personality. For me to share her happiness is a serendipitous blessing.  

Life is full of such accidental happy incidents. Appreciate them and make the most of those tiny moments.

P.S. To my friend who’s starting a new life tomorrow after waiting for years… You’re going to get so many of such blessed serendipitous moments all throughout your life. Make sure you identify them and cherish them and live those happy moments with so much joy. And be always beautiful inside and out. Stay happy and blessed always. 

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