Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October in 123 …

1.       Work was busy during the first half, and then it was ok.
2.       Settled in the new house.
3.       Dad’s in India and ‘m the sole owner of his car till he’s back.
4.       An evening at the Cornish. Alone. :)

5.       Discovered that ‘m addicted to coffee to an extent and ‘m loving it.

6.       Unexpected visits and unexpected flowers from a friend as last month. (Is he making it a habit?)


7.       As in Sep, my childhood friend is blooming, blushing and happily in love. :)

8.       Eid Holidays! 4 full days’ official holiday + 1 and half day bunked!!!! :) :) :) :)

9.       Met my cranky friends more than once! :)

10.   Getting used with this familiar strange land.

11.   Down with Cold….. Aaaaa chooooo….. phewwww…

12.   Cravings for books were diminished by buying two.

13.   I was adamant not to step into the hospital premises when I myself was sneezing for a    whole month, but when Mom decided to cut her finger instead of fish, had to rush her to hospital. When someone dear to us, suffer, we just can’t ignore.

14.   Only one more month away from home. Missing my people there.

P.S. May everyone have an awesome November.

God Blez.



A friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself – Anonymous

Yea, a friend is someone with whom we are our true self. With whom you let down all your guards. With whom you never have to worry how you look, how your clothes, make-up or hair or nails is. You just have to be yourself. You can say whatever that comes in your mind without even thinking once. He does not want to you be better or worse. He just wants you to be genuinely you. He’s the kind of person you can tell anything to, no matter how bad, how obscene or how inane, they'll still love you, because they know you. You can bitch him, shout at him, fight with him, make him angry, irritate him but at the end of the day you are there for each other. He will do everything to wreck your nerves, but will never let anyone else hurt you. A friend is always a blessing.

Treasure all those who knows your naked soul.

“Two a.m.' He swallowed, then said, "You know. The person you can call at two a.m. and, no matter what, you can count on them. Even if they're asleep or it's cold or you need to be bailed out of jail...they'll come for you. It's like, the highest level of friendship.” ― Sarah Dessen

P.S. God Blez all friends.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend!

Congrats on completing an awesome 23 years in this world. Missed wishing her the usual ways, celebrating the usual way.

Actually missed talking to her as before. Don’t know if it’s the distance or the way I am. Anyways hope she had a great day.

Happy Birthday Dear. You are one wonderful human being, keep smiling. May you have all the blessings in the world.

Sorry if I had hurt you in any way. Love you.

P.S. Relations are the most sweetest but the most difficult to maintain.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today ...

Hearing a happy Good morning even before I open my eyes...
Seeing a happy Brat (lil bro and henceforth) in the morning…
Having enough and more time to dress up and rush through the door…

Hearing my favorite songs when driving…

Getting a 45 minutes “sister-brother” only time, even thou half of the time we are stuck in traffic…

Hearing brat talking non-stop and with lots of emotions and animations and happiness…

Friend calling to say goodnight before he hits the bed, after his night shift…
Mom calling at the middle of the office time just to chit chat...

Someone calling randomly just coz they didn’t hear from me recently...

A good read, be it a blog post, quote, comment, book…
Brat calling up to remind me to buy his junk foods, and blabber about the grades he got today...

Seeing 6pm on my laptop screen…

Thinking, it’s gonna be Eid holz soon…

Driving, evening traffic, alone...

Getting missed calls across the ocean to show they are remembering me...
Taking Brat to Patisserie Suisse as he wanted to taste the pastry from there (he thinks they have the best ones…)
Off to snuggle in my bed way too early than my usual time…

Monday, October 22, 2012

Moments makes happy Memories.

Small small things make you happy and leave a smile on your face!

A book as a gift from a friend, unexpected visit of another one at work, "Miss you" message from the least expected ... all these make my day. And I appreciate every small things that makes me smile, even if it's just for an instant. But, not until recently.

There was a time, when someone did all the insane things just to see me smiling, and even when I know the trouble he took for that, I never expressed my appreciation. It's not that I was not happy and grateful for what he did, but it never occurred to me, that, expressing it might have made him smile too.

At times I wonder why you came to my life for such a short time ... but guess it was to let me understand that these small things make life beautiful.

Appreciate what you have before it's gone. What you have today might not be yours tomorrow. - Anonymous

P.S. I miss you and I appreciate every word, deeds, silence, smiles, happiness and love you gave me.

God Blez.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Smiling :)

:) Happy and obviously you made my day Smiling.

Thank You. :) But Never Ever come up again, unless it’s my break time!

P.S. An unexpected visit so an unexpected second post.

God Blez that Crazy being. :)

NO to ‘No Coffee’!

A huge cup of bed coffee in mine only coffee mug to make my eyes and head adjust to the cruelty of waking up, small disposable cup of coffee when in office, not one but maybe 3 or 4 a day. And one more, on reaching home, after throwing away my heels and hand-bag. :) I consider all these as a part of pampering myself. How am gonna turn my face away from these pleasures?

One day without coffee and I were out the entire day and the next morning till I got hold of a cup of steaming hot coffee. Mom was trying to keep me away from coffee ever since my intake has increased in the past 6 months. And yesterday she came up with some insane diet procedure, where NO COFFEE for 1 WEEK! (Guess she knowingly picked this one). The acceptance part was to see if I could come out of this not so addiction of caffeine. But I failed :(. And I hereby declare, even without my regular intake of food/drinks I would survive, but without my cup of coffee at least in the morning I am completely screwed up. And my bro became the victim of my No Coffee day’s rudeness! Mom even started telling that so much caffeine will cause cancer, and is associated with risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high homo-cysteine levels which lead to heart disease…. blah blah blah!

OK! Now I know that coffee or any form of caffeine is not as healthy as it taste but it’s not gonna let me say NO to that! For me, if there’s no coffee, then it’s a nasty headache and extreme level of grumpiness. Seriously, I don’t wanna live a long life, if I have to put away my loves. Live life to the fullest and die early. :)
Actually, is this is how drunkards also feel…??  Who cares!

P.S. A cup of hot coffee before bed makes your night beautiful, experts says so! So let me make my night beautiful too. ;)

God Blez all coffee lovers! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ending up??!!??

When I was in my second year of college, a senior committed suicide. The reason was she couldn't cope up with her father’s death. He was a cancer patient. So the moment she came to know that he failed to cancer she took her life. When I heard this, didn't even feel a pinch of sadness for her. My version was she didn't have the right to take her life when she had a Mom and a lil sister to take care of. But she was her Dad’s gal and it destroyed her world.

After one year of this incident I understood with full depth what made her do so. When I encountered something like hers I came to know the emotions she might have gone through then. The feeling of feeling so lost and not knowing how to move forward without that person who was supposed to be with you all through your life. It’s the difficulty of accepting the fact that they are no longer a visible part of your life, but more over a belief above your head. Taking yourself away from all these seems to be a better option than seeing your dear one lifeless. Going through life without them might be more painful than not living.

I never had any sort if sympathy to those who took their life by themselves because of emotional problems, death in family, debt or whatever the reason be. But maybe the amount of loneliness or breath taking pain made them do that. The thought of ending everything up in a moment than enduring this pain lifelong might have triggered them to put that extra leg forward. People find answers in self-killing when the individual simply can't handle the pain any longer. Do you not think they are in not in extreme anguish about leaving this world and their loved one? That they are not aware of the hurt that will be caused? But the pain is simply more than they can bear.

I am never justifying suicide and never will, and still voice that it’s not the solution and believe it is nothing less than murder. Facing problems brings out the solution and gives you courage. But i also thin it’s not a selfish act, it's just a person does not know where to turn next… But when they decide to have eternal peace they are pushing their dear ones to lifelong agony. that's the price they are paying for their last freedom.

When a human being does something like this, the pain he would have gone through right before the moment of taking such a decision would be enormous. And everyone, well almost most of us, at some point or the other would have thought of ending up everything in a moment. So before criticizing someone who made that mistake just think about what they have gone through and remember them in your prayers. They were certainly brave people, but not strong enough to bear. 

P.S. Senior of mine, hope you find happiness with your Dad up there. Stay happy and peaceful. You are loved and remembered by many every day.

God Blez.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Post! :)

No new ideas! No new incidents! No new emotions! No new stories! Nothing! Then why not make the people in your life the subject of a blog post? Why not scribble about them?

One thing that always surprises me and makes me happy is the people I have in my life. Surprised coz, does everyone get such people in life, who you know is there no matter how u screws up? Happy coz I have them and they are mine. :)

ATJ - My older GF. Love her serenity, sanity n insanity, blabbering and her love of life. Senior in school and boarding mate. I was so crazy about her then and even now, thou the childhood craziness do not exist I simply love her for the person she is.

JMJ - 17 years. That’s what we have shared. Initial three years, it was just familiarity. Then it was friends through thick n thin. She’s one sanest, craziest, spontaneous and smart female. We share the same ideologies, the certain level of feminism and love for each other. Our friendship started with lays and books. The first girl friend with whom I talked about boys, crushes, dates, love, career, marriage, dreams and life itself. And now even thou we are unmarried and childless, we talk about getting our kids married to each other or letting them be best friends We lead our life in different paths in different places, but still, when we meet nothing changes.  We are still the same old girls. Soul sister, Love u!

JAJ – A devilish beauty with an angelic face. :D She has the most innocent faces I have ever seen. Whatever stupidity she does in class, the blame automatically rests upon our shoulders. Coz no one believes she could say/do anything out of the box. Stubborn like a mule. The female warrior (Unni Aarcha) of the whole batch. Doesn’t mind picking up a fight even with the professors to make her version clear. But she’s a lovable, caring and a practical female. Bold enough to live with her likes and principles.

K & N: They are the recently added sibilings in my life. Big B and lil sister. This defines them. K tolerates mine & N’s stubbornness, inflexibility, rareness and similarities. No probz, he is supposed to! :P We knew each other for years, but never talked, never even looked at each other’s way. But all of sudden there they are!

LPN – “Where ever u go, ‘m there.”
That’s our tagline and that’s what defines us. Right now we are planning to elope together, after making a good amount of money. :D . Someone who seems to understand what ‘m saying, even when I just blabber out the word. Someone who thinks with heart, crazy about foot wears and watches, who doesn't likes chocolates, lovable, a bit scary with those look she gives. But whatever u does, she’ll never back out. Will be there for u in spite of the weather around.

MK – Talkative, sensitive, bold, smart, lovable. A complete F.O.O.D.I.E. 24x7 hungry. She’s one person who doesn’t tolerate me when I freak out my duties of a friend. Who has her own principles and ideologies and criticizes and scolds me when I do craps. A fun person who’s ultimate aim is to live happily and make others happy too. She’s like a like a lil sister who I treat as a bro!

N & N – Love these girls. But lost the intimacy of once high friendship during the course of life. Blame it on ego, arrogance and misunderstandings. But when realized, it was too late to be back in square one.

SAJ - I am his first female friend (big grins). And m his secret keeper and he only opens up his bottled mind in front of me, actually he says so. One hell of an adamant and confident guy. One person to whom I can turn to in the case of advices whether in studies, love, relations, guys, money or profession. And he never fails to be in touch with me even if I do so.

SS - Another one from small age. But we were never friends, then. Or I didn’t consider him as one. I actually couldn’t stand this guy coz of his intensity of irritating me. My fighting friend. And he even made a disappearance from my premises and never showed up for years. Then suddenly, there he is, with his same old insanity. But now he’s a friend with whom I have shared my childhood and who I can count up on anything on anytime of the day/night. But we still fight a hell lot, and he's still irritating to the core. :D

RR – The lady with brown eyes. A sleepless night creature who wakes up even from deep coma when a Hide& seek biscuit wrapper is opened. A female who looks so fragile with an unbelievable temper. She always strives to do her best and win the race of life. My partner in planning crimes.

VSV – Human being who made me create a priority list. My BBF, who never wishes me on time for my birthday unless I threaten him or start pleading before a fortnight. Who irritates me like there’s no tomorrow. Person who precisely wakes me up in insane hours during exam seasons. Makes me say sorry for the stupid things he provokes me to say. Makes a habit to be somewhere near the scene when ‘m involved. Was there visibly and invisibly whenever I needed him. Demands birthday gifts from each other which have to be unique. I miss having u around esp. when I need to throw a tantrum at someone, and when something good/bad happens.
How much I complain to God, this is one thing I’ll always be grateful and happy. Coz these souls are not my relation by blood and I never choose them, they all came to my life unexpectedly at different times to show me life is definitely beautiful and no matter what, God will never make u feel lonely. All these people hold their own space, their own importance in my life. And I believe no one can replace one another. Each person is unique in his/her own ways.

A toast to you people.

No matter how much you grow, some people can still bring out the child in you. Love you all coz of who are you deep down in heart, and coz you guys tolerate me as I am.



P.S. :)

God Blez.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My favorite day's been murdered!

Saturday was always my most favorite day. Been a Christian, Sunday mornings were fully dedicated for church.  So Saturday was my absolutely lazy day. The day when I let the sun kick me out of the bed. The day when breakfast is actually eaten, rather than gulping down the entire food in one or two mouths. The day when the weekly chores were done, books were read at a normal pace, shopping’s, outing, movies and all the extra fun of life was done. The day dedicated to group studies, which is an extra day of chit chatting and gossiping. The day when the exhibitions and fest grounds were loitered.

Now when entered into professional life, that too in Middle East, my week starts on Saturdays. Monday blues changed to Saturday dryness. And my so called lazy Saturday turned out to be hard working Saturday!


P.S. Indian Saturday, I miss you. :( I need you back to re-energize my cells.



God Blez.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

To October.

Hey Oct!

I know my Dad's great! He cancelled the buy of the four wheeled creature, (which was pretty cool actually). So I am happy and thought of sharing a smile with you, as yst you got a good share of my anger.
And today is Thursday, that means weekend, and m gonna meet  two crooked and cranky friends of mine tonight. So it’s supposed to be a good day. Do I see a wicked smile on your face?? Never! Don’t you even dare to spoil my evening!

Anyways, enjoy your weekend with your present girlfriend Sweetheart.
Take care.

A Smiling Me :)


P.S. May the happiness of the world glow! ;)

God Blez.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct, Are you gonna behave properly ...???

Dear October,

How are you? Hope everything’s is going fine with you. Anyways it’s not in my case. And this letter of mine to you is sort of complaining about you.

Today is 10th. i.e. just 10 days since you have arrived and to be frank ‘m done with you. First few days I was pretty busy in shifting to our new house, which is a nice one btw. And then my job started to get into my nerves for some valid reasons to me and guess, coz of that everything started freaking me out. And I have been shifting from being angry to sad to desperate to worry to happy and what all emotions you can name, and that too at the span of shortest time. I find it so freaking annoying even to wake up in the morning. I hate when anyone tries to make his/her point, and I start arguing, and if someone mocks me, then they are done, esp. my bro. He’s gonna hate me this month :(. And today what triggered me to whine to you is, I was planning to buy a car, and to my dismay, Dad went and saw a vehicle and even gave a small amount as advance (grrrrrrrrrrr…………) and I DON’T want that thing! Now, how ‘m gonna get rid of that four wheeled creature? So today it’s gonna be Word War between me and my otherwise great dad, and at the end more obviously I’ll be in more rotten mood.

Ok. I know all these are the silliest of the issues you have ever heard, but they are making me have some horrible mood swings. And I don’t know how you gonna solve this or whether you are even concerned. But just be good at least for the rest of the days! Coz, when you being hard on me, i am gonna be extra hard on those around me, which i definitely don't agree. So don't make it difficult for me to be good to others. BE GOOD!



Me (who else…???!!!.... aaah …??)

P.S. Anyways I love you. Coz u decreases the distance to home. ;)

God Blez.

Monday, October 8, 2012

About n from Work Place!

Ok. I am bored! I do have work, apart from what my friends may think, but m lazy to do @ the moment. So here i am. Since I am at my work, thought of scribbling down about itself, or moreover about the workplace. I should have the minimum courtesy to mention about the place i spent soo much of my time, no?
Al Emadi Financial Square. A luxurious compound of multi buildings with lots of cafes and restaurants. My office is in the 2nd building, 2nd floor. Step out from the lift, 1st door to the right. You need the finger print access to get through the door. And watch out, before u makes your hair, or face, there’s cam watching u over the head. :D
                                                                     Al Emadi Financial Square

Rhoane! Our office secretary, one person who works the most. After greeting her with a smile, u enter through a glass door, to see the entire office, which is a large square space separated with desks for each.

I work in the main office of a Turkish Engineering Contracting & Trading firm in Doha. And expect me and for another guy, everyone’s either from Turkey or Philippines. Should say, these Turkish guys are handsome!

There are four sections. Admin, HR & Accounts, Tender department and Food dept. which is our pantry. Admin deals with the running of the office, HR & Accounts with the recruiting and financial sides and then us the tender department with the contracts, tender and engineering works. And there are 3 conference rooms out of which one is used as relaxing/phoning lounge, a pantry and 2 washrooms each for both genders. There are 19 regular employees of whom five are the fairer beings and some visiting employees all throughout the day from the other branches too.

Tender dept. accommodate the center as we are the bread winners :D, and front portion of the office, with HR at the back and Admins/managers at the side to have an eye upon everyone. (Hope they are not watching me at the moment :P)

First and last few days of the month it’s pretty busy at the HR n accounts sections. Or else they are relaxed with FB, tabs, androids and the regular intake of caffeine. At the tender dept. it’s busy almost every time, so we tend to relax when we feel like.

The food dept. is the busiest area solely headed by Hussain, our Chai bro. An awesome happy guy, with a smile always on his face, and coffee/tea/snacks at the respective desks on a wink. He’ll never let anyone forget their routine drinks. Green, black, Indian, Turkish, Sri Lankan tea…. U name it, U got it!

The highlight of this office complex is the food outlets. Nando’s a Portugese restaurant, MBCO hails from Montreal in Canada, is a bakery shop concept featuring freshly baked breads, gourmet sandwiches, desserts and exotic coffees (true and they provide great ambience and good customer service), Farggi is a Spanish restaurant specialized in ice cream, fine pastries, chocolate, sandwiches and coffee, Papparoti with their fresh-baked buns and coffee and also a Lebanese dine out too. But no Indian Foods! :( So if you are in a mood to enrich your taste buds, you have a handful of choices.
                            Nando's with its excellent seatings


So that’s an overall picture about the place I spend most of my day!

Oops! Got to go….. Work is staring at me … Friday seems soo faraway…mmmh…. Bye!


P.S. Love Your Job But Never Fall In Love With Your Company, Because You Never Know When It Stops Loving You. –APJ


God Blez.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Next Vaccation in Mars or Venus?

Wow!!! That was the feeling I got once I put down "Time & Again" by Nora Roberts!!!

It’s not coz of the unusuality of the story, which is typical NB in every word with a bit less energy, but coz of her imagination and the “I wish I was the character”, feeling.

It’s a love, romantic dram taking place between people in the 20th century and the 23rd century. Two brothers from the future fall in love with two sisters in the past! Serious time travel. But just skimmed through the sci-fi area. Understandable, as she’s a romantic series writer and not a sci-fi author.

Now I wish I was that character who flies in and around space from earth to mars and from past to future.

Now I dun give a 10 on 10 for this read, but it enjoyable. It definitely made me think about the future and the changes the world would see in another 100 or 200 years.

There’s always an adventure about space, time and future and past than the present. Imagine if u had the power and the resource to travel through time and centuries what would u do? Me definitely will go back to the past and correct some wrong steps i have done. But is it possible, coz when I am in my own past, won’t there be another me. I mean one who came to change the past and one who’s living in that era? Confused??!!! Leave it.

After doing whatever I want in the past, will move to the future. I would to see how the world will change when I crawling under the dirt undergoing decomposition. It would be robots, computers, and unimaginable gadgets with unbelievable features, flying cars, vacation in moon and mars, and a colony in Venus? Mini laptops will be replacing books and pencils in schools? Teachers or robots? What else would dramatically change from the present world which will be considered primitive then? In Time and Again, there’s a mention about the dish washing robot, the food been delivered at restaurants on the touch of a switch, air cycle, civilization in Mars and relaxing a weekend there and even the toothbrushes and razors been seen only at museums. Obviously the coming future will be far technologized than now. Human presence will be replaced by more gadgets. And relations…??? Will there be anything personalized to make one crave for their dear ones? Guess, we will have to live up to then to know the real future.


P.S. Long life to all.

 God Blez.


MBCET gets the Tallest Jesus Christ In India!!!

Thiruvananthapuram aka Trivandruma ka my city :P , the state capital gets the tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the country. The three-tonne, marble-white statue of Christ which is sparkling at my Alma mater, the Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology on Bethany Hills Nalanchira, is 33.5 feet tall and pips the current record by 4.5 feet.  With his arms spread high in blessing, Christ stands atop a porch which is 22.5 feet high, taking the total height to 56 feet.  
 Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology

Tallest statue of Jesus Christ in India
Before this gigantic statue was erected there was an old one with the same posture. It made the college feel blessed. And then it was removed for renovation which was during my final year there, its bareness made the place empty. But to be back with more glory, glow and divinity.

Renowned art director Premachandran and his 30-member team took only 35 days to complete the work. At night, the eyes of Jesus will glow. Imported radium was used to give a greenish glowing effect in the dark. The giant statue is made of highly-durable fiberglass and marble white automotive paint was used on the statue.

The statue is dedicated to the memory of an alumnus of Mar Baselios College, Midhun Reyan Markose (2004-08, EEE Batch), a dear one of mine, who is survived by his parents and sisters. His going away was like a lightning been hit straight into the heart. But his family and friends always made it a point to make him alive whenever possible. Now every person who sees this statue sees him too, could imagine him as a student there, which makes him immortal.


MRM, no one is gonna let u go that easily. ;) Keep rocking there. :)


P.S. “Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.” So always cherish your lost ones. :)

God Blez.
Credits: Some parts of this post are taken from “IBNLive”.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September in 123...

October!! Aaah…. Already!! Time surely flies soo fast.

September was a normal, good, peaceful and a busy month. The climate was considerably good compared to the scorching last months. This is one thing I hate about Middle East. Summer or winter, it’s the extreme. Where else in God’s own country it’s almost always the air conditioned climate (except for the month of April/May).

Here goes my September …

1.     The Happiest One!!!!
       I became a MAASI again, to an obviously handsome lil dude!!!  Can’t wait to take the bundle of joy in my hands.  (Now I have 4 nieces and 3 nephews out of 4 sisters. WOW!!)  :D :)

2.       Was pretty busy @work but still managed to read some books, chat and scan FB.

3.       Got a new Mobileeeee.  Ok. Actually got it in August, but still its NEW. :D

4.       Started searching for a vehicle for myself. Haven’t decided yet. But my mind is hooked with WRANGLER!

Isn't she a Beauty??!!

5.       Deleted an acquaintance from FB n life when he crossed the invisible boundary of speech. (I am proud of myself for that.)

6.       Had an awesome Friday evening at the Beach.

7.       Spend a really good mid-day break with a friend with flowers.

8.       Shifted to a new house, something like our place back @home.  And finally succeeded having a room whole by myself without my bro intruding to share the bed. (He’s really scared to sleep alone, so now with Dad & Mom! :D)

9.       Explored the MBCO outlet near the work place. And in love with their chocolaty hot chocolate. (Craving for more…)

10.   Took my first leave from work!

11.   Tallest statue of Jesus Christ in India was built and blessed in my College as a memorial for a dearest one. (Mixed emotions)

12.   Talked to a close friend after a long break.  HAPPY!!!  (I was the sole reason for the break, so can’t complain.)

13.   Friend/Soul sister of mine is super-duper happy romancing with her fiancée. :P

14.   Last but never the least, I am missing my place, people and familiarities but am happy and smiling.


P.S. October! Be good to everyone.

God Blez.