Saturday, August 15, 2015

Where's all this religions taking us?

In this fast phased life where everything and everyone is running around to meet their ends in a very modern rate, even spiritualism is also running forward to meet them.

Religion is a set of beliefs made by the elders in a society to enforce the moral values necessary to preserve the society which exploits a belief and supernatural powers to enforce “the rules.” Societies with religion were more likely to survive than those without because of the community, compassion, lack of anarchy or murder, family structure, etc. enforced by religious beliefs. And that's why religion was important and to an extend that's what is it's role even now. But now community have developed, technologies are discovered, information whether right or wrong is shared across the world in a moment's click.

Now religion has became a method of debate and self esteem. People are willing to fight and die, to do anything and everything to install their religious views upon someone else even by force. In the primitive age when there were no means of communication except word of mouth, religions didn't had an opportunity to conflict. But now the situation is just the opposite.

Even when we say the modern society is educated, well off and logical, there's some part in everyone which is obsessed  in the supernatural power and that is doing more harm than good.

Religions are made to bring people more close to each other, to live in harmony and peace. But religions always have bestowed a false face of fear on everyone's mind. Every religion starts on the idea that everyone is a sinner. And every act unless and until it's selfless, pure or divine is a sin. And impure souls, if they don’t purify themselves they will soon be condemned to hell by God. In order to avoid hell, religion demands that people prove to God that they are worthy of heaven. How? By following the dogma of religion. Naturally, when people are put in such a situation, they find themselves in a continuous state of fear. They are always afraid whether their actions are right according to religion or not. And a living in fear is not living, it's just surviving.

But people see themselves as sinners they start hating each other. A human who's not able to love himself how he is expected to love his fellow beings. And there begins the conflicts and disagreements. Then he will not tolerate religious ideologies that are different from the one he follow. This is why you can see religions fighting against each other.

When modern society is moving forward with such an astonishing speed, somewhere at least some of us are walking with a blindfold ignoring the facts and truths and we are living in complete ignorance. Right from the small age we have to been taught to follow religion without even batting an eyelash. And questioning anything religious is a sin which will make you a sinner eternally. This fear makes us afraid to search for the truth. And that's one reason there's so many people like Radhemaa, Swami Sadachari, Shreemurath Dwivedi  and so many other frauds. We see them as an easy route to God, when even God would never tolerate their acts.

Religion is like slow poison, and just as poison is killing your body, in the same way religion is killing your soul. Many people choose to follow religion, even though they suffer from this choice, simply because religion frees them from personal responsibility. To live spontaneously one has to take responsibility for oneself, which is not easy. Life is made of choices, and to make the right choices is not always easy. So people prefer not to chose for themselves, but to have others chose for them. They prefer to walk on paths made by others, instead of creating their on path. But unless we stop having an authority to tell us what to do or what not to do, will never be free. And unless we are free, we will never be happy and peaceful.

Be religious and spiritual in the right way seeking knowledge and light rather than following the mass and conflicts. When we search for the heaven, don't let all these ignorance take us straight to hell even without a judgement day. And may this 69th Independence Day bring us more independence in every aspect of our life.

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