Monday, January 23, 2017

Just Rambling ...

When you're not content with your life, even the slightest prickle triggers you.

That's what is happening with me for some time now. My mood changes in a snap of the finger just for the most trivial reasons. Maybe someone said something silly, someone talked too much, took so much of time, traffic, excess work, irritating bro, over concerned family … anything just anything can make me nasty now.

I had this undying passionate love for myself. I loved myself so much that I could make sure that I was happy no matter what. But now that's missing. I like me. But that's different and the intensity has reduced. I guess... I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed in myself. When I talk to anyone, positiveness will be oozing out from me. But deep down I'm this little girl who's lost in deep woods all alone. I don't want someone to come and rescue me. I want my inner strength and self-love to come out from its hiding and lead me out. I want that dislike-ness for everything and everyone around me to evaporate for good. I loved meeting new people. But now I have lost count of the postponed and ignored and passed on or even cancelled meetings/calls I had with my friends, new humans, clients or employees.

I know this will change.

It's just the time is not right for me. It’s just life is been a bit of a roller coaster ride. It’s just there’s too much in my plate now. It’s just I don’t have enough space to breathe now. It’s just so much of negative thoughts are clogging my mind.

Simply, it’s just life is taking a totally different unexpected bumpy route and that’s taking a toll on me.

But change is on the way. Or I'll plant as many beautiful plants and tress I can, all along that bumpy route.

Ok. I’m stopping here. God! I sound so depressing to myself. And this is one reason I don’t write anything here anymore. 

So to sum up:  

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude. "

And I hope to do just the same.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017! Be Mine ...


It’s already a week into the New Year. And I honestly don’t know how I’ll describe last year. It has been really really long. It was not one of the worst, but yes, not the best. Some life changing decisions where taken, my blogging and reading took a backdrop, and my social circle got minimized yet some really close ones made sure to stay near, yet I had some of the best moments, like that beautiful sunrise in a new place.

As each year pass by, I recognize my inner strength, my zest for life, my aspiration for happiness and freedom. I realize that the more I try to move away from myself the more my inner Goddess pulls me in. 

So this year I aspire to be much more of myself.

This year  …

I seek more wisdom

More happiness

More words

More hope

More goodness

More strength

More peace

And more love. 

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