Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012!

It’s already 2013!!

It was a gush of a year this time. I still can’t remember how time flew this year. And the one thing that is freaking me out thinking that we are already in 2013 is I am getting older! It’s nearing my marriage age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God! I wanna be a child again! I dun wanna grow up!

I dun remember what happened in Jan, except had some good days with friends, and get to know some new friends too.

In Feb I lost my brother forever. And that made this year one of the worst. I miss that sheepish grin of him.

March, it was my last Easter in Kerala, before coming back here. April & till Mid may I was behind Manana and preps of uprooting to here and so adamantly homesick thinking m gonna leave my hometown. Last week of week, i came back. June was dedicated to job hunting and falling in to my first job.

Rest of the months nothing much happened except Ash’s found her better half and decided to get married and I was busy and not so busy in my work, but still managed to find time to sneak out with S & Ash. November I said bye to my job and was ready for a break to my hometown and still enjoying that.

Now don’t know what’s there in store for me in 2013. But wish I won’t be losing anyone this year. As the years pass, as experiences, loses and gains increase we learn more with some more strength and courage and we just keep moving on.

Thanks to all the people who’s there in my life. Love you all.  :)

Happy New year to everyone and may every single soul in this earth have an awesome 2013.

P.S. Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

God Blez.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ruthless Society.

A girl of my age was gang raped in Delhi and the rapist ripped of her uterus and throw it away as it was just a plastic bag. He doesn't even thought that he too came from a woman who carried him in her womb for 9months.

A girl who dreamed about her future, about her career, about love, about family, her marriage and kids was brutally murdered.

How could a person be so beastly and cruel. Doesn't a pinch of humanity exist in these creatures?

Now the girl have given up her war and embraced death. Guess death was more concerned towards her.

When is this nation gonna get the ultimate freedom? When can woman get out without fearing to lose her modesty? When are woman gonna be treated as an equal human being rather than some sex giving machine? When is this nation gonna open her eyes against this insanity?

P.S. If you can't bring up a gentleman than don't make a son.

God blez that girl.

Adieu 2012! :)

2012 is getting ready to say bye. This year went in the most fastest way. Days and month felt like flying away. Time wasn't enough to gasp everything that was happening.

Lost and gained much. Saw birth and death. Loved and hated some moments. Laughed and cried. Had togetherness and loneliness.

Met few awesome people in the beginning of this year and are still together with more bonding.

Lost a brother to death and got a new nephew.

Orgainsed an awesome program, which' m so damn proud of, with an equal frequency person.

Left my mother country to a foreign place seeking a job, and landed into my first job.

Learned that relations are something more fragile than glass which have to be nurtured and cared every moment.

Planted a seed of a future dream in mind and working towards that ultimate star.

But whatever happens time just moves on. Your past and yesterday moments becomes a memory and new things and new people come to your life, even if you don't want them to.

2012, farewell to you. And 2013, Welcome.

Happy New Year to the World! :)

Keep Rocking n Party Hard.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Sadful truth.

This world is soo beautiful. And the lil angels called children play an important role in making this place wonderful. It's said that any cold hearted person will melt seeing a child. Then why there's lakhs of kids especially in India, who's suffering from various traumas and still feels helpless.

A lil boy of 4 years. When smiles should have reached his face, his eyes are teary. There in his small round glassy eyes you could read out fear. The fear of uncertainty. The uncertainty of his tomorrows. You could dive into the depth of sadness in his eyes. He was even scared to smile. Scared to utter a word. It was like he was holding his life in his hands and a smile or a distraction would take it away.

Another baby girl of less than two years. A beautiful chubby girl.  But her face was swollen and her eyes full of tears. Her father was trying to calm her down. But in vain.

The age when these kids are supposed to run around and play or getting ready for the first days of school, they are here surrounded by pain, sorrows and fear and even the smell of death. The time when their eyes should be filled with innocent curiosity and happiness, they are searching for some relief. The moment when they are supposed to be restless, they are forced to be in bed for their survival. When they should be trying out every tastes they carve for, they are restricted to just health and hygiene foods.

This is just a scene from a floor in the Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum.

Time stops here and the struggle for life begins.

P.S. Life is too short.

God Blez.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is everything just about having Sex?

Sex abuse! Something so prevailing now a days in the country. The new generation or somewhat even the present one is also just concerned about intervening of bodies. Just for the sheer eleven minutes pleasure as described by Paulo Coelho.

Last day a friend shared an incident which happened in Trivandrum city. A teenage boy of 15 years old wants to have sex with his mom. And his justification is that she is a woman, and she being his mother is not his fault. So if he felt a desire towards her it's not his fault, but quite understandable. And what he did to satisfy his urge is so damn shocking.  He gave sleeping pills to his own mom and fulfilled his sinful desire. And now she have a new life in her womb from her own son. The agony and the state of mind that mother would have felt or would have to go through till her last breath is beyond any words.

Another teenage guy fall in love with his own sister and he wants to marry her. They coming from the same womb and father is not a concern for him. She's a girl and she obviously will marry someone someday then why not him. He doesn't know the word sister have a meaning beyond her feminine looks.

Mother,  sister and all are woman.  But they are a part of one's life that cannot be replaced or destroyed just coz u felt some desire towards them coz of their sex.

It's always believed two woman guys usually would give their life is their mom n sister. Both of them who had been with him for everything. Their tears is equal to his heartbeat.  But now the very same son or brother is destroying their life.

I wonder, how am I or the 20s, the future parents gonna give birth to their lil ones, knowing that they are gonna let their babies into a society that doesn't even understand the meaning of MOTHER?

P.S. God do help our future generation!

God Blez.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I am in Trivandrum from last week.  And time surely flies.  It doesn't feel as if I just came back after a period.

The happiness and satisfaction you get when you are together with your near ones is so powerful. We land among certain people for a short time or for lifetime, maybe for some reason or maybe just for ours and their smiles.

But whatever the reason is, this season with them are beautiful. Just loving the smiles I see in their faces and mine too.

P.S. Awesome people makes your life awesome.

God Blez.