Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is everything just about having Sex?

Sex abuse! Something so prevailing now a days in the country. The new generation or somewhat even the present one is also just concerned about intervening of bodies. Just for the sheer eleven minutes pleasure as described by Paulo Coelho.

Last day a friend shared an incident which happened in Trivandrum city. A teenage boy of 15 years old wants to have sex with his mom. And his justification is that she is a woman, and she being his mother is not his fault. So if he felt a desire towards her it's not his fault, but quite understandable. And what he did to satisfy his urge is so damn shocking.  He gave sleeping pills to his own mom and fulfilled his sinful desire. And now she have a new life in her womb from her own son. The agony and the state of mind that mother would have felt or would have to go through till her last breath is beyond any words.

Another teenage guy fall in love with his own sister and he wants to marry her. They coming from the same womb and father is not a concern for him. She's a girl and she obviously will marry someone someday then why not him. He doesn't know the word sister have a meaning beyond her feminine looks.

Mother,  sister and all are woman.  But they are a part of one's life that cannot be replaced or destroyed just coz u felt some desire towards them coz of their sex.

It's always believed two woman guys usually would give their life is their mom n sister. Both of them who had been with him for everything. Their tears is equal to his heartbeat.  But now the very same son or brother is destroying their life.

I wonder, how am I or the 20s, the future parents gonna give birth to their lil ones, knowing that they are gonna let their babies into a society that doesn't even understand the meaning of MOTHER?

P.S. God do help our future generation!

God Blez.

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