Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012!

It’s already 2013!!

It was a gush of a year this time. I still can’t remember how time flew this year. And the one thing that is freaking me out thinking that we are already in 2013 is I am getting older! It’s nearing my marriage age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God! I wanna be a child again! I dun wanna grow up!

I dun remember what happened in Jan, except had some good days with friends, and get to know some new friends too.

In Feb I lost my brother forever. And that made this year one of the worst. I miss that sheepish grin of him.

March, it was my last Easter in Kerala, before coming back here. April & till Mid may I was behind Manana and preps of uprooting to here and so adamantly homesick thinking m gonna leave my hometown. Last week of week, i came back. June was dedicated to job hunting and falling in to my first job.

Rest of the months nothing much happened except Ash’s found her better half and decided to get married and I was busy and not so busy in my work, but still managed to find time to sneak out with S & Ash. November I said bye to my job and was ready for a break to my hometown and still enjoying that.

Now don’t know what’s there in store for me in 2013. But wish I won’t be losing anyone this year. As the years pass, as experiences, loses and gains increase we learn more with some more strength and courage and we just keep moving on.

Thanks to all the people who’s there in my life. Love you all.  :)

Happy New year to everyone and may every single soul in this earth have an awesome 2013.

P.S. Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.

God Blez.

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