Friday, December 14, 2012

Sadful truth.

This world is soo beautiful. And the lil angels called children play an important role in making this place wonderful. It's said that any cold hearted person will melt seeing a child. Then why there's lakhs of kids especially in India, who's suffering from various traumas and still feels helpless.

A lil boy of 4 years. When smiles should have reached his face, his eyes are teary. There in his small round glassy eyes you could read out fear. The fear of uncertainty. The uncertainty of his tomorrows. You could dive into the depth of sadness in his eyes. He was even scared to smile. Scared to utter a word. It was like he was holding his life in his hands and a smile or a distraction would take it away.

Another baby girl of less than two years. A beautiful chubby girl.  But her face was swollen and her eyes full of tears. Her father was trying to calm her down. But in vain.

The age when these kids are supposed to run around and play or getting ready for the first days of school, they are here surrounded by pain, sorrows and fear and even the smell of death. The time when their eyes should be filled with innocent curiosity and happiness, they are searching for some relief. The moment when they are supposed to be restless, they are forced to be in bed for their survival. When they should be trying out every tastes they carve for, they are restricted to just health and hygiene foods.

This is just a scene from a floor in the Regional Cancer Center, Trivandrum.

Time stops here and the struggle for life begins.

P.S. Life is too short.

God Blez.

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