Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ruthless Society.

A girl of my age was gang raped in Delhi and the rapist ripped of her uterus and throw it away as it was just a plastic bag. He doesn't even thought that he too came from a woman who carried him in her womb for 9months.

A girl who dreamed about her future, about her career, about love, about family, her marriage and kids was brutally murdered.

How could a person be so beastly and cruel. Doesn't a pinch of humanity exist in these creatures?

Now the girl have given up her war and embraced death. Guess death was more concerned towards her.

When is this nation gonna get the ultimate freedom? When can woman get out without fearing to lose her modesty? When are woman gonna be treated as an equal human being rather than some sex giving machine? When is this nation gonna open her eyes against this insanity?

P.S. If you can't bring up a gentleman than don't make a son.

God blez that girl.

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