Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 22 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 22, Wednesday: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

Just Human Beings!

Gender discrimination and stereotyping is one thing that has to be demolished from the earth’s surface. Let the person grow up as a great human being rather than been tagged coz of their gender.  Even before a child is born he/she is differentiated based on their gender. Pink for girls and blue for boys. Dolls for girls and cars/bikes for boys. Girls are taught that they are inferior to boys from day one. If the baby is a girl, she is sweet, delicate and serene. And if it’s a boy, he’s strong and tuff. Aren’t both babies sweet and delicate and soft as a fur?

I am a girl and ‘m proud of my femininity. But hate it when it restricts me from doing/going somewhere. Depending on your sex, certain behaviors or preferences are discouraged,  as if they belong to one gender over another. There's a 13 year old guy (lil bro) at my home, who thinks domestic chores is exclusively entitled to women. Being a girl doesn’t mean all she cares about are clothes, make-up and boys or she is solely for home making. Every girl studies as hard as boy, do her best in all extra-curricular, get in to good college and gets into a profession. In a professional space, there’s no special considerations for deadlines or working hours. If you are working for them, you work as they want. There everyone is just colleagues. But once you step out of the work space, then its, men are from Mars and women from Venus.

As a child I wore frocks, skirts and adored dolls, played video games, watched WWE, climbed trees n jumped over walls, and was the handyman at home. My first friends were guys and now also guys top my friends list, but there are girls too, those I will never tradeoff for anything in life. And now i love skirts, but prefer jeans coz of its comfortability and I don’t step out of the house without the shine of lip gloss. When I go for high heels, I look for sneakers too. I wear gents’ watch and have a huge collection of bangles. I prefer chunky mobs than the sleeky ones. What we wear and like completely depends upon us, and not our gender. 

Women is considered as the most fragile and vulnerable living thing and it became so coz many people still view women as a lesser gender then men. The experts link the mistreatment and abuse of women to the social and economic reality of women’s lives—the web of discriminatory attitudes, values, behaviors, structures and institutions that undermine, isolate and marginalize women.

Many families don’t even prefer a girl child, esp. in India. A family with a girl will pay a dowry to her husband’s family when she marries.  So a girl means the family will lose money or property on the wedding day.  A boy means the family will gain those things. Males are also seen as providers who will stay with their families and be less of a burden. So instead of abolishing the dowry sys, baby girls are abolished. I personally know a couple who’s’ from a privileged, educated class and who didn’t give God a minute’s peace for a baby boy. Even now there’s a huge gender gap between boys and girls, with the fairer gender’s ratio considerably lower than the boys. So what about after a few more years?

Being girl means you are not strong, brave enough to defend yourself, provide your family, or courageous to step outside after dark. But being a man is an admonition of strength, courage and firmness. And the faintest hint of girlishness in them results in lifelong harassment. So even before they start walking, they learn to hate pink, dresses, fairy tales, dolls, dance and anything feminine.

Even in relations people expect men should always take the first step. They feel men should always pay for a date, call within the first two days, meet their beck and call, be a certain height, and always ask them out. If a woman pays for a date or proposes first does the sky falls down? In Britain and Ireland it is a tradition that women may propose marriage only in leap years. Does that mean women should keep their feelings locked until a leap year comes?

Kick out the gender stereotypes and discrimination's and live lives with all your behavioral patterns, likes, dislikes, emotions, girlishness, boyishness and just try to be good and a kind person with respect for your fellow beings. Whoever you are, man or woman, you are truly awesome and blessed. :)

P.S. Cherish all the facts that do not fit the stereotype of your gender.

God Blez.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 21 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 21, Tuesday: A list of links to your favorite posts in your archives. 

All my posts are my favorites, coz I wrote them. But these are just special.

Frozen Up! - My very first post in this space. So like a first born child this is very near to heart.

To my Daughter in the Future - I believe that, "A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give". And if I am gonna have kids, I wish for a daughter. So this is a letter to my future daughter. :)

Happy Post! :) - This one actually came up when i was so bored at work and had no ideas to pen down. It's just remembering those special people who make my life beautiful.

P.S. Happy Blogging. :)

God Blez.

Monday, May 20, 2013

A full lived life!

My Grandmom (from mom's side) died yesterday morning at around 12 am IST. She was 85 years old.

And according to me she lead a full life. She had a beautiful martial life with her handsome husband with loads of love, laughter, fights and so much of hard works. She is survived by 4 kids out of 6, their spouses, 17 grandchildren and 7 great grand kids. Wow! I just love my family.

She was such a strong person with a beautiful and such a charming personality. And an awesome cook. She was a warm person with a kind heart and an enchanting smile. Even thou I was not so close to her, I was very fond of her. She always gave me that absolute "Grandma" feeling.

When heard that she's no more... there was a lost feeling, even thou it was expected. But the reality of her physical form gone, along with her voice, her presence and her warmth, everything just vanished with her. Also the trace of a whole generation.

I always loved that family reunion moments. When we meet the people that was meant only for us, the people who's insanity do match us and makes us feel a little less weird for been the way we are, the people with which we feel so connected and rejuvenated the instant we lay our eyes on them, the moment our "mature parents" starts behaving like kids along with their siblings. I just love all those memories. For all this, thanks of my Grandma. Coz, without her none of us might have been born. 

I will miss her. But I guess my mom and her siblings just felt as if a part of their life just vanished along with their Mom. Her mom! Yea, she too had a mom like me. She too was a child once, and she too have clinged to her many times. And losing your threshold forever is a tremendous loss. And this made me think about how I will also loss my mom once and how my kids will loss their's. Guess its's a never ending process of life.

P.S. No-one can take a Mom's place. 

God Blez.


Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 17 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 17, FridayA favorite photo of yourself and why. 

That is me, way back when I was 3 or 4 years old. And I am standing in front of my Dad's workplace in UAE, and as you can see there's a is a toy mannequin (think that's what its called) in the background. My Dad was one of the senior officer there and so obviously I had all the privilege to roam around the shop. And the one holding my hand is my Dad's colleague. I do remember these small things, but can't remember why I am smiling like this... maybe I was just posing for a pic.

I just love that smile of mine in that pic.

God Blez.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 15 - May Challenge 2013

 This post is part of BEDMC,

Day 15, Wednesday: A day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like)

My day at present is filled chasing around for a crazy venture of mine. 
Social Networks.
And lots of free time.

P.S. Happy Days :)

God Blez.

Wordless Wednesday...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 14 - May Challenge 2013

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Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy.

My people... that includes my family, friends and my dear ones. 

My Niece... she can brighten my day with just her voice. 

A book and a coffee... any time of the day.



Stars and moon

Driving ... it clears my mind, and gives ample time for myself.

Been in church all alone

Going through old photographs

Smiling kids.

P.S. Whatever happens move on with a Smile.

God Blez.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 13, Monday: Issue a public apology. This can be as funny or as serious or as creative as you want it to be.

I apologize for been me.
I apologize for been myself.
I apologize for been stubborn and for having dreams.
I apologize for not expressing myself to others.
I apologize for been a stubborn female.
I apologize for my attitude.
I apologize for having some crazy thoughts and opinions.
I apologize for dreaming about changing the world.

God Blez.

I still love you...

I still love you... 


In a person’s lifetime, we often find ourselves moving from one relationship to another. Sharing and spending months or sometimes years of our lives with different people who we fell in love with. But more often than not, we find ourselves looking back at one relationship that has silently remained in the crevices of our hearts.

Silently longing, and silently loving the person we once loved.

You may find yourself happy in your current relationship, convincing yourself that you've got everything that you need and that he/she is all you've ever dreamed of. But deep within our hearts we still crave for that certain touch, for another moment with that one person who could’ve been the one you spend your life with. That silently, you still would want to tell him/her “I still love you, despite all this years.”

Still in Love...
We often shrug off the images that comes into our minds. Images of our past that seem to haunt us all these years. You may find yourself still yearning for his/her voice and wishing he/she still felt the same way about you. Silently you wish that one day, you would hear them say “I still love you, too…”

But you try to focus and remind yourself that you are already committed to someone else, that you have already pledged your loyalty and love. We feel guilty for these thoughts. We try to control our emotions. Memories that lingers on is playing over and over just like a song.

You spend days of your life wondering what could have been, figuring out what if’s… and every time you pass by a common place, it reminds you of how you used to be happy together and how much love you have to offer only if…

Silently you pray to be given another chance, another moment for you to show how much you still love them. You wish that you can have another break to prove that life could’ve been much better if you were in it instead of her.
Now all you can do is just look back and sift through the cobwebs of your past. Hold on to the memories that are slipping fast. Wishing that not even one of them would leave you. Hoping that even as the years pass, you will still remember that very first kiss, the first time you met him, and that look that tells you how much he loves you. "I still love you."

You find yourself silently saying:
If only I had the courage to fight for our love,
If only I was given another chance to make you feel how good it was to be beside me again.
I wish that you would give me another chance for one last kiss, one last caress.

And one last moment to say I still love you.  

Then we wake up realizing that it's too painful to spend the passing days with regrets. We are awakened by the painful truth that there are no more chances to say I still love you. No more last chances. Maybe we will no longer get another chance in this lifetime. And that all we can wish for lies in the next one.  We will still find each other and wish that we will not make the same mistake again.

At the this point, all we can do is thank God because at one time in our lives we were able to spend special moments that you we will forever be grateful for. We are thankful that this person has spiced up our lives. Thankful that we are who we are now because of him or her… and that life will never be the same if he/she was not in it. 

I still love you.

God Blez.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (A person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

I miss my home town and home. 
I miss the familiarity and the "my own" feeling it bestowed upon me. 
I miss visiting the ocean, which became like someone close to me. 
I miss the warmth of love and pricking lost feeling in a cemetery. 
I miss all those people who were part of my life and who wouldn't make it to my present. 
I miss my childhood. 
I miss my yesterdays. 

 I miss everyone and everything I had to miss. 

 P.S. Keep Smiling. 

 God Blez.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 11 - May Challenge 2013

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Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less. 

Here goes about Me..... 

Open minded

P.S. Be yourself always

God Blez.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 9 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 9, Thursday: A moment in your day (Can be a photo or words or both). 

More than a moment in my day is given to books. There will be always a stack beside my bed and one in my bag, wherever I go... and so much more in my phone. 

P.S. Books aren't made of words. They are made of hopes, dreams and possibilities.

God Blez.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 8 - May Challenge 2013

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Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

Here goes some piece of advice...

P.S. Keep Smiling.

God Blez.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you are afraid of.

I am afraid of death.

I am not afraid of my death. In fact I am fascinated to know what's life after death will be like.

But I am afraid of losing my people to death. I am an individual who's so damn possessive and passionate about my people. And losing them just to some spacial distance or geographical time difference is one thing I have adjusted myself with, but losing them to indefinite distance and non existing time is something so frightening for me.

 So I guess that's one phobia of mine which I would never get cured of.

 God Blez.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 6 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 6, Monday: If you couldn't answer with your job, how would you answer the question, "what do you do"?

What do I do?

 Aaah..... I procrastinate!

 God Blez.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 5 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 5, SundayPublicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends. What makes them great? Why do you love them? If you don't have a blogger friend, talk about a real life friend or a family member? 

Here 'm choosing a real life friend. 


I love you for who you are and what you are. 
I admire you for the person you are to your dear ones. 
I am passionate about your love for your people. 
And I wish upon all the stars, that there would be more people like you. 

Just love you. 

God Blez.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 4 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of Blog Every day in May Challenge.

Day 4, Saturday - Favorite quote (from a  person, from a book, etc) and why you love it.

These are some of my favorite Quotes.

“In your book were written all the days that were formed for me, when none of them as yet existed” 
– Psalm 139:13-16

And I love these, coz in one way or the other, these defines me, my thoughts, my actions and myself.

God Blez.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3 - May Challenge 2013.

This post is part of Blog Every day in May.

Day 3, Friday - Things that make me uncomfortable.

Silence, it just irritates and makes me so uncomfortable, and brings so much of bad things to my mind.  Esp. silence between conversations.

Tears – I can’t stand tears in my dear one’s eyes. And also crying babies. These two makes me too sad. :(

Not finding my mobile.

Someone invading my space, going through my things or mobile or laptop!

When people take my books and never return it back….. Aaarrgghhh!!!!!

I am Keralite. And in Kerala there are 14 districts, each of which has a particular and a different slang of Malayalam language. In this I very much hate the Trivandrum slang, even thou I live there. But these days, it’s not heard much, but my very sweet friends and brother, just to irritate me talks in this slang now n then.

People who breaks their promises. Coz of this I just don’t even give promises to anyone.

When long not so distant relatives say you, “Do you remember me? Last time I saw you, you were so little.”  Then how do they expect me to remember them.



People who chew with their mouths open. I hate the unbearable loudness of chewing!

PDA – Public Display of Affection
I find it cute to see older couples walking hand in hand somewhere. And i don't mind seeing more of it, that goes to show that as you age you can still love, be loved and be proud og being in love. And it's downright cute to see a couple steal a kiss when they think nobody is looking. These people seem almost child-like in the innocent sort of way. But they are certain people who make me feel like telling them to take a Room, some of where ever rather than opting for these public places! 

When you gonna get married??  This very question boils me up right now!

Aaaah..... that's it... for now.... I can't think any more!...

God Blez.

And have an awesome n relaxing weekend! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 - May Challenge 2013

Day 2, Thursday - Educate on us something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

This is not something I am expert at.... but just my random Ramblings...

Heart Or Brain ...???

Brain is the most organized and disciplined part of our human body. Heart the most soft but strong and an emotional organ. Organized means brain is always thinking, rethinking, calculating and analyzing the pros and cons of a situation. But heart always gives priority to the moment and happiness. So who will you follow? Your Heart or Brain??

Personally I have done both. I have listened to my heart and was happy about it, even thou I had to face the consequences later. I ignored my heart and still repent for losing the happiness I would have experienced.

Following your heart means following your passion, dream, love, happiness and chasing away your fears. To follow your heart one should believe in themselves, have inner strength, courage and commitment. And following your heart is always the road less taken.

Listening to your heart gives so immense pleasure and satisfaction, and still we, including myself, neglect our heart and chase the brain. We suppress and deny the thumping feeling of our heart. Instead we give ourselves to money, society, security, stability and social status. Our society is driven with all these and we instead of living for ourselves and living for the society. When we feel like doing something, the first thought that crosses our mind, “What will the society think about me?” Actually do the society and the neighborhood pay for your well-being and are they the sole factors of your happiness?

Happiness, passion, empathy, love and concern doesn’t weigh the same as that of the social stigma.

Heart is the wild child in you and brain the practical and disciplined one. Wilderness doesnot feel the fear or anxiety but the practical and analytical child does. Brain will give solutions to be safe and sound in this world in trade. And heart, the path of stisfaction.

Unpredictable, spontaneous, wild and happiness – that’s the Heart. Predictable, analytical, safe and approval - that’s the Brain.

The path your heart leads maybe long, unsafe, inconvenient and unconventional. It may take huge amount of struggle, pain, courage and guts to reach the end. And during the journey you would have to face the many demons and the most important one been you. But still, at the end you will be facing a happy you.

What’s the use in living a life when you let down your heart all through the 50-60 years of your life, and then suddenly look back and regret for not taking path it showed you? Why give up your less paying passion for the money making job, if it just makes you wish the day to end soon. Why ignore your love for travel and die regretting that?

We see elder people, who look so ravishingly happy and glowing, it’s coz they lived a life they wanted. In the other side there are older people who walk around with dull, lifeless eyes, a sad or angry expression and slumped shoulders. They live just coz they have to. It is these people who have given up on their dreams and become resigned to the fact that their hearts desires are nothing but a fantasy.

Heaven and hell is here in earth itself. When you are a happy being, it’s a heaven in and around you. Or else you are living in a hell and the demon torturing you is you and your thoughts.Living a life with your heart in the lead is a life you will be proud of without regrets.

Life is all about being happy, chasing your dreams and passion and living wild. Take chances. Give everything & have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to take the good with the bad.

P.S. Praying for the courage to follow mine.

God Blez.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 1 - The Story of My Life.

This post is part of Blog Everyday in May!

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less (or one paragraph... no one will be counting your words... probably)

I am a Daughter. Grandchild.  Sister.  Niece.  Aunt.  Friend.

Born as a second child to my parents. Have an elder sister and a younger brother. I had a very good childhood. My school days were in one of the best schools. College days were also good with some bunch of friends and some hectic schedules. Been in these places made me what I am today. Stubborn, independent, responsible and also irresponsible, bold and ready to face life. 

Till last year I was in Kerala, India with my Mom and siblings. And now shifted to Doha, Middle East with family, coz it’s here were my father is working. And don’t know whether I’ll be here for short or long.

Till date, life was good even when it had its ups n downs. Met so many people, became friends with many, got some not so friendly people too. Saw birth and death. Learned to laugh and smile. Wanted to do majors in English and Psychology but ended up doing in Electrical Engineering. 

Obsessed with books. Addicted to coffee and chocolates. In love with all kinds of Shoes. Loved scribbling down my thoughts in the back pages of notebooks, then upgraded to journal and now both in journals and blog. Safe keeper of memories in the form of photographs, letters and journals.

This is me in a Nut shell. 

"I know a girl made of memories and phrases, liver her whole life in chapters and phases..." - Jimmy Buffett

God Blez.