Monday, December 28, 2009


Dreams are like a dewdrop in your palm. Takes a lifetime of nurturing to make them a reality. Even then they might just melt away from your hand even before you release it. Never believed in luck. But now you it's there. Some say when you have whole of your heart into something nothing can make you stop from achieving that.. But.. Your fate, your luck... And the ultimate power decides everything  He makes us happy, takes us to cloud nine .. Then he breaks us down, our whole self.. Leaving us to mend it by ourselves.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tenses of Life.

Happened to walk in to my or to be more specific into ur past bein in d present, whch was supposed to be our future… Past bringz memoriz in to mind lik flood along wit a smile n a teardrop too... Wen i saw all dos ppl in white it made me search for u among them, evnthou I knw i cud nevr find u der... bt u knw wat,  I did fnd u… in ma soul…in ma thoutz... n also as a name on a piece of marble wit a three letter encarved on it... Whch made me blame ma fate wit a heavy heart, bt ma tears failed me… n I cud jst stand der rooted to the core… Wer once stud strong as a pillar wit a sweet smile whch made everyone proud, nw only dis n a huge lot of memoriez remain whch could remain as fresh as a newly bloomed flower... forever...!!
Cnt describe watz gng in me wen i see dat, coz ech moment i do xpt a miracle... As sumone said “If tears could build a stairway… And memories a lane… I’d walk up to Heaven and bring you back home again…” or de least would hv stayed der with you…!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The whole wrld is caught up wit eithr sum probz,worries or tensions... Evn a smal kid hv hs own worriez whch mite sound silly to a grwn up... Each one of us hav our own reasnz 4 actin d way we are.. Wen i luk at ma past, i always tried 2 fnd a gud endin 4 al doz hapd to me... Evn thou sum dosnt sound lik a gud endin, i changd ma pt of view to mak myself smile.. Dnt knw whetr lif is tryin to teach me d same leson whch i hav no desire to learn bt mayb i do deserve.. Bt nevr gt the ans for, why i do?? That stil seemz to be a mystery...

Why do we hav relatnz durin ech phase of our lif?? There wer tymz wen i thout i cudnt liv w/o ma friends.. Bt later on due 2 mny reasnz or circumstances or watevr u cal them i found myself being content evn w/o them. At tymz i do feel as if nature is being teachin me to survive w/o ma special ppl whom i wntd to be wit me thruout.. Nd i guez m dragin up myself wit mch difficulty.. Coz lif cnt be thrown out as we wish, hav to liv up to the end na..

Der are tymz of day or night wen i feel 'ya, i need to tlk to sumone.. I need to spill evrything out..' den d questn arises.. 'bt,to whom??' aftr ponderin over almst mor than 200 contctz i cudnt evn fnd one.. Whch made me realise dat m missing dos ppl with whom i shared my whole self.. Dos persn to whom i tld evn ma mst embrasin incidnts... Nd nw i cud say m nt short of relatnz bt stil 'yup m'.. I did loose mny, sum jstified by me.. nd othrz jstifid by fate itself n whch seemz insane to me evn nw..!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

FrOzEn Up!!!!!!

!!  SUNDAY   !!

............ Wow ...........She was full of smiles..... :) :) ........

Her favorite day and today there's something more to it.. She’s going to meet him after some long months and a never ending week... ufff!! At last!!! He made her miss him loads.
She was smiling to herself even during the morning mass.. Wanted time to fly now but it should drag when they are together... Yea she knew she was selfish. But who cares.
She was so deeply, madly in love with him that she really wished she could stop time when she was with him, so she could stay with him forever.

My phone started humming breaking the thread of my day dreams. Him!
H:  'm coming.
S:  Meet you at our old place   (All smiles)

Got ready... and was out within seconds. When was nearing the destination laddus were blasting in her mind… But why? She was not seeing him for the first time ... hmm… but felt so…

So many thoughts flashed through ...right from their first meeting... first proper date... falling in love... talks... Craziness and everything.

She never knew why she loved him? Never know why she felt so incomplete without him. He always made her world better... Always make her feel so special that she just glowed!!

Now enough of day dreaming… Hey!

Where was he? Late... hmm may be those stupid traffic.. Or last minute friends.... hmm... wait ......waiting......and she would wait till then end for him. She thought.

5... 10... 20... 30... 45minz!!! Still no sign of him...

Someone attended his mobile when she called, and said something and all which didn’t make any sense at all and only certain words striked her like lightning... Car... Accident... Hospital...!!

That was the instant she realized that smiles do vanish that fast... Don’t even know where her tears went. Helpless... Fearsome... her heart never beated so fast... She was shivering.... nothing made sense... became totally function less!!

She didn't knew what to do, or how to know what happened. Some how called up her friend and told him to enquire what’s happening.

The time she prayed, hoped everything was all right.
But.... NO... it was not...!

She mobile beeped again. She heard what her friend on the other end of the line was saying but couldn’t really resurface from the depth of the news. Prayed that it was just a nightmare that when she open her eyes again she could realize that it was just a dream and it dint happen to him.

Prayed that at least the clock could run back... the time could turn back... but it didn’t.. she hoped to wake up from her sleep... Alas! It was indeed a bad dream but which turned out to b a REALITY!!

A brutal ... A life changing ...  A killing Reality!!

Something which changed everything for her...

It was like somebody ran an ice dagger through her heart.

Don’t know how got back to her hideout.. Don’t know how I survived in dos four walls.. Never wanted that night to set... never wanted the sun rays to shine ever again... Because along with d rays she would lose him... she was going to see him again... the one which got postponed today because of the unexpected appointment with the one above us.

Going to see him, her birthday partner who left her all alone even without a word... to his place where she wanted to step-in with him... to see his people... whom she wanted to be a part of... but now.... with a hope of seeing that smile he promised her... who made her smile for his craziness... for his love... who made her sad... who made her cry... who made her feel too special... who said "I trust you more than I love you"... who could smile just to see her smile... who made her miss him too much even when he was so near.... who tolerated her only because it was just her ... and ... now who made her FREEZE with his forever vanishing act !!!!!!

In a day all her dreams, wishes, happiness, smiles, hopes.....everything was buried..... With him…