Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tenses of Life.

Happened to walk in to my or to be more specific into ur past bein in d present, whch was supposed to be our future… Past bringz memoriz in to mind lik flood along wit a smile n a teardrop too... Wen i saw all dos ppl in white it made me search for u among them, evnthou I knw i cud nevr find u der... bt u knw wat,  I did fnd u… in ma soul…in ma thoutz... n also as a name on a piece of marble wit a three letter encarved on it... Whch made me blame ma fate wit a heavy heart, bt ma tears failed me… n I cud jst stand der rooted to the core… Wer once stud strong as a pillar wit a sweet smile whch made everyone proud, nw only dis n a huge lot of memoriez remain whch could remain as fresh as a newly bloomed flower... forever...!!
Cnt describe watz gng in me wen i see dat, coz ech moment i do xpt a miracle... As sumone said “If tears could build a stairway… And memories a lane… I’d walk up to Heaven and bring you back home again…” or de least would hv stayed der with you…!!!!!!!!

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