Sunday, August 24, 2014

If I were ...

If I were a month - June: A little of this is because I was born in June :) and also my close friends. But mostly because I feel most active, happy, freaky (or shall I say least lazy) in June. I used to get to meet my long lost friends... and also because of the rains in Kerala (here it will be dripping hot)... in which I can enjoy my coffee...get drench with ice creams, be in beach along with drizzles... enjoy been cold!! :)

If I were a day of the week - Saturday: I just love the way Saturday starts... Lazily lying on the bed.. Dragging myself out and having some nice brunch. Reading paper in my sweet time... Just relaxing. The morning sets the tone for the entire day. Even on the days that we plan to go for a trip or something on a Saturday, it’s more of a relaxed and lazy getaway!! 
Now that Saturday was from another time... now it's a working for me. Sigh!

If I were a time of day - Night: I feel myself most active during night time. My mind just gets filled up with so many ideas (most of them crazy) during the night… and everything that I am supposed to do and should do, I remember during the night time only.

If I were a season - Rains: I am in love with Rain. My favorite. Everything gets washed in the rain water and looks all fresh and full of life. Love getting drenched in it. You can savor the real taste of coffee and enjoy a book only when it’s raining. :D

If I were a planet - Pluto: Because of its infinite distance from sun, unreachable and coldness. (Is it a planet now?)

If I were a sea animal - No idea: I think I prefer being a human being. :D

If I were a direction - North: North gives me the idea of winter, snow and Jammu. :P

If I were a piece of furniture – A cozy full length couch with fluffy cushions: I prefer couch over bed. :D

If I were a liquid - Water: The elixir of life. I just love the peacefulness and freedom it gives just by looking at it.

If I were a tree - Yule tree: i.e., the Christmas tree.

If I were a flower – Rose of any color.

If I were a tool - Scissors: This is one tool I use pretty often.

If I were an element - Water: from the five elements of nature.

If I were a gemstone – Ruby :)

If I were a musical instrument - A Piano: Love the soulful and melancholy notes which come out of it.

If I were a color - Black: Mystery!!!

If I were an emotion - Love.

If I were a fruit - Mangoes for me... :)

If I were a sound - The splattering sound that rain makes, the sound of blowing wind, the sound of stormy sea etc.

If I were a car - Anything that's really fast.

If I were food - I don’t know. But is chocolate a food?

If I were a taste - Salty & Tangy: Both of them together are my favorite tastes.

If I were a scent - Scent of jasmine.

If I were a pair of shoes - Can’t have a choice in this....  I love all sort of foot wears from flats, boots, platforms, stilettos to sneakers. :P :D

If I were a bird - A cute little sparrow. :) 


How About you? What are your If I were's ....

(Disclaimer: Idea somewhere from the blogosphere.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Donate Your Organ ... Give a Life.

Ryan - the female heart throb, single child to sophisticated and loving parents, artist, MNC professional and a very passionate human being. Life was good to him in all ways. He had brain, looks and luck n his side and he too did whatever it did to make it more beautiful. But sometimes it takes only a second to change everything in the picture perfect life. His mom looked at his photograph and let out a tear. Today it was a year since he left this world. When everything was going happily, just an accident can ruin it. She was lost in thoughts when the calling bell rang for the third time.

“Mom!!... Where were you? I have been ringing the bell for long.”

“Sorry dear… I just dozed off…” … she said hugging Varun. The boy who gave meaning to her life now. Who called her mom just the way her son did and to who’s life Ryan added so many colors by donating his eyes. The eyes which she loved so much, the smile Ryan had in his eyes when he hugged her, the twinkle when he was up to some pranks, or the anger it showed…  she missed her son so much. Even now she did. But seeing Varun with the very same twinkle and a cheerful smile she felt so near to her own son.

We will be missed when we leave this place behind. But that’s something we could do nothing to change. Then why not, leave an everlasting impression in someone else’s life by giving them a chance to enjoy life as we did. By gifting them our organs to see, feel and live in this world as we did.
There are precisely 7.8 million people who are blind India, and 7.43/1000 population are dying in an average every year. If, half of them gave donated their eyes, we could be able to erase some darkness from this world and brought so much more colors.

And thousands of heart patients who are waiting for a heart transplant and double the accidents. Why not bring a smile to another person’s life by giving them a chance to experience some normal heartbeats?

Likewise… so many more who are in need of an organ or another and waiting patiently, hopefully to live a normal healthy life. Gift a person a life, that’s the best thing you could do after you take your last breathe. He will definitely be remembering you the rest of his life with so much of love and gratitude. What more you want, after leaving this world?

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am Blank Because ...

This was something shared in Write Tribe ... a fill in fun exercise shared from Little Miss Momma's Blog. 

I’m WEIRD Because

I ask Why when someone says I like/love/hate you.

I can’t sleep without washing my feet and feeling the cold on them.

I hate tomatoes.

I barely drink water, and last day I even downloaded a Water Reminder app but still no use.

I love eating Roti with Ketchup, thou some of my friends go absolutely No-No about that.

I hate shopping, except books.

As days pass and age goes up, and Dad starts the hunt for a perfect son-in-law, my belief in the institution called marriage is sweeping down in rocket speed.

I freak out if anyone showers me with so much of love or concern.

I prefer showing my love towards others by irritating rather than been sweet to them.

I should like the way a person talks before getting friendly/close to them.

The only jewelry I’m obsessed with is earrings and can’t resist buying them, even when I have a huge collection.

Coffee and chocolate … any time of the day or night.

I drain out my frustrations by writing them down.

I can’t stand silent treatment from anyone. I prefer sorting/fighting it out by talking.

I hate cooking and if possible would completely avoid doing it.

I’m a BAD Friend Because

I barely show the basic etiquette in communication.

I go not talking to them for a long time.

I don’t share all my personal things even with my bestie.

Even in friend zone, I need my space.

I can’t sweet talk much… but can be very diplomatic.

I’m a GOOD Friend Because

I will be there with you and for you, no matter what.

You can call me up at any time of the day/night and talk whatever rubbish you want. I am all ears.

Thou I don’t share my secrets; I can be a good secret keeper.
I won’t stand anyone saying anything bad about you, even if it’s the truth.
I'm SAD Because
This is not how I expected life would turn out to be.

So many good and talented people are dying.

No one makes chocolates with Zero calories.

There are so much of restrictions for living life in your terms and in your way.

I’m HAPPY Because

I can give a genuine smile inspite of what’s happening around or inside me.

I have a little brother who makes my life hell but very beautiful.

Friends… who bare all my insanity.

Chocolate… my comfort food.

Blog and Books and Movies.


Been alive and experiencing all that’s happening to me and around me, even thou at times I completely hate it. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Free Write ...

One thing I enjoy most is writing, even when I am not too good in that and also reading. But the so called writers/readers block has once again caught me tight around the neck, nearly choking me and making it impossible to breathe. Is this actually the so called writer’s block or the uneasiness life gives you and you tend to shift that to things you love? I can’t say, I lack topics to write or books to read. But I lack the energy to think, type and make it into a post or pick a book, sit down and actually read it. If only there was a technique to transfer all those thoughts that’s whirling in your mind to organized words… awe… that’s too much to ask for... I know. But one can surely wish, na?

Today morning the news that greeted me was the death of the renowned Hollywood actor Robin Williams. Jumanji was one of the earliest movies I remember watching and recommending to many of my friends. He made others laugh with his movies but he himself was a victim of depression. How ironic! Is life always like this, that it’s not the truth that we see with our eyes but deep down there’s so much of hidden truths waiting for us to ponder down? Who could have guessed he was suffering from depression and one day it would kill him, but the truth it did.

Why are we so conscious about displaying our fears and sorrows? Is it because that’s how the world wants to see us, just the happy smiling faces? Is it because the sadness can make the world cringe their noses that we tend to mask it with a smile? No, I am not questioning anyone. This is just a query to self. No matter what, it is so hard for me to admit that I’m upset/sad, even with people who are non judgmental. Am I trying to be otherwise now? Nope. I did give it a try once or twice but it just made me bitter. So I decided to leave it as such.

Before you seek the light all around you, seek that sunshine within you. That will make you feel warm, loved and so special. And every day of your life can be a miracle. A very beautiful miracle.

P.S. Sorry for been so disoriented. Thought of writing something else, but ended up with this. Do bare with me, please.  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Love beyond Worlds.

He met her accidentally at the most unexpected time. Not even in his dreams he has thought that she’s going to be this important to him. In their there was no ‘get-to-know’ period or ‘just-friends’ period. They met as complete strangers and fell in love even without knowing each other. He knew they were meant for each other the moment they met. Was it love at first sight?  Can the meeting in the virtual world can be said as a first sight love? Don’t know…

Though what started as an infatuation out of fascination of seeing a person with so many similarities yet different in every aspect soon turned out to be something deep and meaningful. They were all set to marry within months. She made his life so much happier just been with him.  Everything was so easy with her. She never intrudes his space but his space was all about her. She could understand even his silence. There were moments he used to wonder, how a person can read another one so easily with so much of ease. That was she. Simple yet elegant in every way. She had that magic of pulling people to her side with her charm and love and just been her. Before they met, he wanted to do so much with his life. And now also he wanted all the same, but with her in it.

White rose was what he gave her the first day he saw her. Seeing her smile that moment, he made a mental promise to himself that no matter what, he’s going to give her a rose everyday day of his life. And even today, a year after she left him, he’s keeping his promise… without fail. 


Today happened to read this status update in Red Handed's FB page and that made me write this fictional piece. So thanks to her. :)

Monday, August 4, 2014

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

If someone asks me this question my spontaneous reply would be, “Me? Noway! I’m not afraid of anything.” … But in actual there are lot of things which make me back out of things I want to do, or want to go for. For instance been afraid to say No to people I love. I can’t do that. How much I try, hoe stubborn I may turn to be… at the end I just give up. There are times I have thought, “If only I was a bit more rebel in some situations, I would have moved on with saying a No.” But sometimes saying that two letter words requires so much of courage and strong hearted, which I certainly lack. Maybe as I age up, might gain this too. Fingers crossed!

I am afraid to face certain demons of my life. Which if once faced courageously, would leave me forever. I know that very well, but the fear factor is so high that I ignore the good side of getting those demons out of life. I haven’t yet reached that part of life, where I could say at certain situations, “Let anything happen, I don’t care.”

When these two phobias of mine leaves me, or when I grow up to achieve these qualities life would be much more easier. But life doesn't come with a manual or an instructional video. We are bound to find the best ways to make life happen for us. And I believe, all these are part of that. And I’m still trying to find out the best way to tackle life. And once I do that, I’ll be kicking all these fears of mine goodbye forever. 

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lost Love ...

Pete gulped down another shot of drink. He was already feeling dizzy. Today was the day he chooses every year to drink until he passes out. Some five years before, he was a happily married man with a very beautiful wife, a zooming career and all the happiness in the world. But now, no wife, career in jeopardize, and nothing at all to make him happy.

She was her family. He lived for her. Her words were like gospel to his ears. They were termed as the most gorgeous and ideal couple among their friends. But now… he was all alone. It was a common knowledge that when she died it killed him too. No one saw him smiling or engaging in a good conversation after that. He completely kept to himself and to his thoughts and memories.

Even now, after five years, he’s grieving for her. Longing for her presence, to hear her voice, to see her smile…

But she was so away from him. There was not a day he wished that if only the clock could tick back… if time would take him back to that dreadful night when he saw her with another man. If he would get a chance like that once again… maybe he would have at least given her voice to explain herself one last time before he lost control on his anger and stabbed her to death.

Or maybe he would have forgiven her… and live as if nothing happened… Or anything… anything rather than this nothingness without her.