Sunday, August 24, 2014

If I were ...

If I were a month - June: A little of this is because I was born in June :) and also my close friends. But mostly because I feel most active, happy, freaky (or shall I say least lazy) in June. I used to get to meet my long lost friends... and also because of the rains in Kerala (here it will be dripping hot)... in which I can enjoy my coffee...get drench with ice creams, be in beach along with drizzles... enjoy been cold!! :)

If I were a day of the week - Saturday: I just love the way Saturday starts... Lazily lying on the bed.. Dragging myself out and having some nice brunch. Reading paper in my sweet time... Just relaxing. The morning sets the tone for the entire day. Even on the days that we plan to go for a trip or something on a Saturday, it’s more of a relaxed and lazy getaway!! 
Now that Saturday was from another time... now it's a working for me. Sigh!

If I were a time of day - Night: I feel myself most active during night time. My mind just gets filled up with so many ideas (most of them crazy) during the night… and everything that I am supposed to do and should do, I remember during the night time only.

If I were a season - Rains: I am in love with Rain. My favorite. Everything gets washed in the rain water and looks all fresh and full of life. Love getting drenched in it. You can savor the real taste of coffee and enjoy a book only when it’s raining. :D

If I were a planet - Pluto: Because of its infinite distance from sun, unreachable and coldness. (Is it a planet now?)

If I were a sea animal - No idea: I think I prefer being a human being. :D

If I were a direction - North: North gives me the idea of winter, snow and Jammu. :P

If I were a piece of furniture – A cozy full length couch with fluffy cushions: I prefer couch over bed. :D

If I were a liquid - Water: The elixir of life. I just love the peacefulness and freedom it gives just by looking at it.

If I were a tree - Yule tree: i.e., the Christmas tree.

If I were a flower – Rose of any color.

If I were a tool - Scissors: This is one tool I use pretty often.

If I were an element - Water: from the five elements of nature.

If I were a gemstone – Ruby :)

If I were a musical instrument - A Piano: Love the soulful and melancholy notes which come out of it.

If I were a color - Black: Mystery!!!

If I were an emotion - Love.

If I were a fruit - Mangoes for me... :)

If I were a sound - The splattering sound that rain makes, the sound of blowing wind, the sound of stormy sea etc.

If I were a car - Anything that's really fast.

If I were food - I don’t know. But is chocolate a food?

If I were a taste - Salty & Tangy: Both of them together are my favorite tastes.

If I were a scent - Scent of jasmine.

If I were a pair of shoes - Can’t have a choice in this....  I love all sort of foot wears from flats, boots, platforms, stilettos to sneakers. :P :D

If I were a bird - A cute little sparrow. :) 


How About you? What are your If I were's ....

(Disclaimer: Idea somewhere from the blogosphere.)


  1. Enjoyed this flight of fancy, Sheethal :) I wonder what would have been my answers to these "If I were..." Hmmm....let me think on that for a while now!

    1. Yes do write.... waiting to read yours.. :)

  2. That's a very lovely post! I loved it! Woow... I'm inspired to write one like this. Nice getting to know you :)

  3. This is a cool meme, Sheetal! I can see this catching on...

  4. I am active at nights too and love the rains... and ohh shoes!!! I can live inside one :D

  5. Ha ha - what a great post Sheethal - awesome idea, and I so enjoyed reading yours "If I were". I love Saturdays, the night, jasmines, mangoes - and YES - definitely would fight for chocolate being food..:-) He he

  6. Hey that's such a sweet post. Enjoyed the creativity there. Stuck on shoes huh? many favourites there.. Night, jasmines, chocolates... Oh and the piano.. Love it. At school that was the only musical instrument we'd sing our hymns to. So I have a special place for it in my heart.

    1. Yes, always stuck on shoes... could never choose from them. Thanks for reading. :)

  7. I like you..chocolate and yule tree :D
    I would be north too!!

  8. This got me in to thinking. Feels like taking it up. It will atleast cure my sickness.
    Nice if I Weres by the way
    U just fit ur choices :)

    1. You should take it.... it's fun and easy. :)