Saturday, August 2, 2014

Lost Love ...

Pete gulped down another shot of drink. He was already feeling dizzy. Today was the day he chooses every year to drink until he passes out. Some five years before, he was a happily married man with a very beautiful wife, a zooming career and all the happiness in the world. But now, no wife, career in jeopardize, and nothing at all to make him happy.

She was her family. He lived for her. Her words were like gospel to his ears. They were termed as the most gorgeous and ideal couple among their friends. But now… he was all alone. It was a common knowledge that when she died it killed him too. No one saw him smiling or engaging in a good conversation after that. He completely kept to himself and to his thoughts and memories.

Even now, after five years, he’s grieving for her. Longing for her presence, to hear her voice, to see her smile…

But she was so away from him. There was not a day he wished that if only the clock could tick back… if time would take him back to that dreadful night when he saw her with another man. If he would get a chance like that once again… maybe he would have at least given her voice to explain herself one last time before he lost control on his anger and stabbed her to death.

Or maybe he would have forgiven her… and live as if nothing happened… Or anything… anything rather than this nothingness without her. 


  1. What a tragic tale! I felt for the man and could feel his remorse and regret over what he had done.

  2. Heart breaking story no? Anger makes us do thinks that we repent later on in life and sometimes there are no second chances no...Beautifully written!


  3. Gosh, the feeling is a darned painful one!

  4. Oh dear Lord!! Sad tale. But you have penned it so beautifully!! Wow!!

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  5. Oh what a tragic end. This wasn't expected! Great write dear!