Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Donate Your Organ ... Give a Life.

Ryan - the female heart throb, single child to sophisticated and loving parents, artist, MNC professional and a very passionate human being. Life was good to him in all ways. He had brain, looks and luck n his side and he too did whatever it did to make it more beautiful. But sometimes it takes only a second to change everything in the picture perfect life. His mom looked at his photograph and let out a tear. Today it was a year since he left this world. When everything was going happily, just an accident can ruin it. She was lost in thoughts when the calling bell rang for the third time.

“Mom!!... Where were you? I have been ringing the bell for long.”

“Sorry dear… I just dozed off…” … she said hugging Varun. The boy who gave meaning to her life now. Who called her mom just the way her son did and to who’s life Ryan added so many colors by donating his eyes. The eyes which she loved so much, the smile Ryan had in his eyes when he hugged her, the twinkle when he was up to some pranks, or the anger it showed…  she missed her son so much. Even now she did. But seeing Varun with the very same twinkle and a cheerful smile she felt so near to her own son.

We will be missed when we leave this place behind. But that’s something we could do nothing to change. Then why not, leave an everlasting impression in someone else’s life by giving them a chance to enjoy life as we did. By gifting them our organs to see, feel and live in this world as we did.
There are precisely 7.8 million people who are blind India, and 7.43/1000 population are dying in an average every year. If, half of them gave donated their eyes, we could be able to erase some darkness from this world and brought so much more colors.

And thousands of heart patients who are waiting for a heart transplant and double the accidents. Why not bring a smile to another person’s life by giving them a chance to experience some normal heartbeats?

Likewise… so many more who are in need of an organ or another and waiting patiently, hopefully to live a normal healthy life. Gift a person a life, that’s the best thing you could do after you take your last breathe. He will definitely be remembering you the rest of his life with so much of love and gratitude. What more you want, after leaving this world?

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  1. Very inspirational post - thank you for sharing! (And yes, I am an organ donor!)

  2. Lovely story and a great way to show how organ donation can benefit others.

  3. Lovely story! Inspiring!! :)

  4. This makes me want to consider!! I really want to.

  5. Such strong emotion and so true, I wish all of us donate or at least make an effort to spread awareness.
    Beautiful post.

  6. This is inspiring and provides great reasons to donate organs and live on through others! ♥

  7. If only people saw it like that... the donor and the one to whom it is donated. The circle would be so complete..


  8. I could not resist commenting. Very well written!

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