Friday, December 30, 2011

Already time for a Bye??? 2011..... take care !!

Mmmmh........ I never gave much importance to the new year fever and the excitement that follows it. Coz the next day i dun feel ny difference. But sharing it with ur loved ones or someone special is something worth.

Jan to June was the last sem of ma course nd of course it was filled with college, records, exams, fests, projects nd al those study nd mastii stuffs. but when finally i had to say alvida to that place nd ma friends i felt like m gonna miss something... nd i did.

After June i was literally free.... if ma Cat nd entrance prepz weren't included. I traveled to be with dad then back home nd was leading a peaceful life. But i missed al those busyness. When looking past this year it was actually a idle year but that was something i couldn't do anything. It was meant to be like that.

Happened to get bck in touch wit some of my old buddies and also some new ones. 

  • My BFF.... one person who knows almst evrythng about me... nd somethings even if itz in te form f riddles i do tell him.... nd who stood with me during smiles n whales, ups n downs nd wat and not. Who nevh wantd me to change (datz one thing i love abt u) nd who alwayz had time for mee .... THANK U soo much... for tolerating me nd keeping updating me abt urself, evn wen u wer busy shifting to places nd getting settled in life nd job. I missed u this year. Nd u'r someone worth treasuring.
             ((And special thanks for " The Time of my Life." )) :)
    • Another one f my best boy friend.... u always made sure to keep in touch with me.... nd i appreciate it with all my heart. I value u soo much nd never wana loose u evr... nd i know when u most needed me i wasnt there like u wantd....i tried but.... 'm SORRY for that.... 
    • My childhood friend.... who throwed himself out f ma list right after school days nd suddenly thought of coming back....
    • A Mr.X. He made a come back after.... mmmh.... let it be x yearz... and he did helped me out when i needed but also added confusion to my much confused life. But still a THANK U definitely goes to him. 
    • Ma Sweetheart Brothers..... pours to me everything they dos n don'ts. Love u all .... U guys are the sweetest. :*                                                                                               
    • My Angels'....... got a chance to get back together this year aftr a loong silence. 
    •  Lil Sister dear.... evnthou i don't accept evrything u do..... but wenevr u need someone, 'm there. Love u for been who u are.
    • SIZZLERS..... u all know me to the core... THANKS a lot for loving me even wen i failed to see u during the past few months. SORRY. I love u all.                                                                                 
             (( Enjoyed spending te last day f 2011 wit u all in our most common hangout.))
    • Two people who i met recently thru mutual frndz. 
    • Family.......... love u ma ppl.
                              THANK U ALL for everything. :)

    When stepping into a new year..... i still miss my lost years coz that was ma dream..... nd THANKz for making me wana relive my yesterdays even now.  Loads of love.

    I believe "Watevr happens, moveon with a SMILE". (evnthou i fail to follow this.)

              Happy 2012.!!!!!!!!  May this New Year bring happiness nd Smiles to evryone.    

    GOD blez. :)

    Hip Hop Hip........ Happy Birthday JESUS !!! :)

    WOW!!!! Christmas season is cuming to an make way for new year. Nd i had one of te most idyllic xmas holz. (i knw i hav been holidaying for te past still ;) )

    The week strtd wit one f ma oldie's engagment. Then the midnite mass ceremony's followed by the fun nd playz f we the youth :P. By wen neared to midnite i started missing ma special ones.... thatz one thing i hate about festives. Sigh!!!!  

    X'mas mrng was a lazy one...coz i was online til 3am.... nd cudnt open up ma eyes til te sun began to shove on ma face. First imp thing after freshening up was breaking ma lent... was a veggie for 25 DAYS!!! Nd the feel f non-veg definitely was really goooooood :D

    Then te day went with baking, cleaning, calling up frndz nd fam.... thatz one thing about this day.... sharing every ounce f happines in the form f cakes nd greetings. In between al this we had planned a hangout with five f ma old schoolmates or te boarders.... nd i was pretty excited about that. Coz m seeing them al almst after 10 yrz... as they wer all ma seniors.

    Stepping into my school... alwayz brings a smile to the face. Being a was one place i spend 24*7 during those days. Place which made me strong enough to face up anything n everything, it showered me with soo much f happiness, success, smiles nd friends nd obviously life long memories. Going back to those days was one gift i needed... nd that too with te people i shared my childhood.

    Spending half the day with them made ma X'mas Smiley. :)

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Being "ME" isn't that easy .... aah... !!!

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    My Love... :)

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    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Me i Guess :P :D

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    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Wish u were here... !!

    She lived in a state of constant pain. Nothing done or seen or touch does not remind her of her beloved.

    Nights meant for those quiet moments..... talking..... laughing...... dreaming...... loving....  are now megaphones for her pain..... amplifying back so that it slams her into submission. There were no holiday’s..... there were no anniversaries..... no birthdays...... lest she counted the anniversary of her beloved’s death. She started counting the days since he left her. Her world was never right after he left her.... like a shattered glass it was destroyed to thousand pieces.... she tried to glue it together... and it did work.... but....... only for a short time. Gradually she understood dat a broken piece will always be broken... and evn if itz mended it wont look the same...!

    Her life was never a fantasy. It constantly had it ups and downs... smiles and wales. But wen he came along, she turned every tears into smiles.... and every frown into a grin. She loved every bit of him.... his craziness....anger....laughter....beliefs....looks....attitude.....and wat not.! 

    She got the wind of those life ending words.... with grief .... with shock. But she quickly composed herself... coz she never believed... there was noway she could make sure wat happened..... not ever in her life she felt dat lonely. Everyone she knew who was glad to help was helpless.... and those who could din...!! That was the night she learned to silence her tearz.... to hide her agony... and to act normal, in-spite of the burning sensation in her heart. The night wen she loathed the world around her... hated herself for being der.... for being soo damn helpless...!! 

    She have been having a very hard time, comes in waves and some of them knocked her over. She lays in bed crying gasping for air as she prayed to be with him..... prayed for a miracle...... prayed that everything was jst a horrible dream...... nd not to wake up alone. But, she woke up, she have never been so sad to wake up in her life. But she did. 

    In the beginning, she had a numbness that allowed her to exist. Then her memory turned into images like an old silent movie, flickers of images but no detail. Now.. Now she remembered details. It was like seeing fire, being burned before, knowing it will hurt, and sticking your hand in anyway. In her mind she inspected his face, his look, what did she miss, what could she have done to save him. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But the thought of not having him near her...... kills her each moment. 

    Badly wish you were here ... !!!!!