Friday, December 30, 2011

Hip Hop Hip........ Happy Birthday JESUS !!! :)

WOW!!!! Christmas season is cuming to an make way for new year. Nd i had one of te most idyllic xmas holz. (i knw i hav been holidaying for te past still ;) )

The week strtd wit one f ma oldie's engagment. Then the midnite mass ceremony's followed by the fun nd playz f we the youth :P. By wen neared to midnite i started missing ma special ones.... thatz one thing i hate about festives. Sigh!!!!  

X'mas mrng was a lazy one...coz i was online til 3am.... nd cudnt open up ma eyes til te sun began to shove on ma face. First imp thing after freshening up was breaking ma lent... was a veggie for 25 DAYS!!! Nd the feel f non-veg definitely was really goooooood :D

Then te day went with baking, cleaning, calling up frndz nd fam.... thatz one thing about this day.... sharing every ounce f happines in the form f cakes nd greetings. In between al this we had planned a hangout with five f ma old schoolmates or te boarders.... nd i was pretty excited about that. Coz m seeing them al almst after 10 yrz... as they wer all ma seniors.

Stepping into my school... alwayz brings a smile to the face. Being a was one place i spend 24*7 during those days. Place which made me strong enough to face up anything n everything, it showered me with soo much f happiness, success, smiles nd friends nd obviously life long memories. Going back to those days was one gift i needed... nd that too with te people i shared my childhood.

Spending half the day with them made ma X'mas Smiley. :)

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