Friday, December 30, 2011

Already time for a Bye??? 2011..... take care !!

Mmmmh........ I never gave much importance to the new year fever and the excitement that follows it. Coz the next day i dun feel ny difference. But sharing it with ur loved ones or someone special is something worth.

Jan to June was the last sem of ma course nd of course it was filled with college, records, exams, fests, projects nd al those study nd mastii stuffs. but when finally i had to say alvida to that place nd ma friends i felt like m gonna miss something... nd i did.

After June i was literally free.... if ma Cat nd entrance prepz weren't included. I traveled to be with dad then back home nd was leading a peaceful life. But i missed al those busyness. When looking past this year it was actually a idle year but that was something i couldn't do anything. It was meant to be like that.

Happened to get bck in touch wit some of my old buddies and also some new ones. 

  • My BFF.... one person who knows almst evrythng about me... nd somethings even if itz in te form f riddles i do tell him.... nd who stood with me during smiles n whales, ups n downs nd wat and not. Who nevh wantd me to change (datz one thing i love abt u) nd who alwayz had time for mee .... THANK U soo much... for tolerating me nd keeping updating me abt urself, evn wen u wer busy shifting to places nd getting settled in life nd job. I missed u this year. Nd u'r someone worth treasuring.
             ((And special thanks for " The Time of my Life." )) :)
    • Another one f my best boy friend.... u always made sure to keep in touch with me.... nd i appreciate it with all my heart. I value u soo much nd never wana loose u evr... nd i know when u most needed me i wasnt there like u wantd....i tried but.... 'm SORRY for that.... 
    • My childhood friend.... who throwed himself out f ma list right after school days nd suddenly thought of coming back....
    • A Mr.X. He made a come back after.... mmmh.... let it be x yearz... and he did helped me out when i needed but also added confusion to my much confused life. But still a THANK U definitely goes to him. 
    • Ma Sweetheart Brothers..... pours to me everything they dos n don'ts. Love u all .... U guys are the sweetest. :*                                                                                               
    • My Angels'....... got a chance to get back together this year aftr a loong silence. 
    •  Lil Sister dear.... evnthou i don't accept evrything u do..... but wenevr u need someone, 'm there. Love u for been who u are.
    • SIZZLERS..... u all know me to the core... THANKS a lot for loving me even wen i failed to see u during the past few months. SORRY. I love u all.                                                                                 
             (( Enjoyed spending te last day f 2011 wit u all in our most common hangout.))
    • Two people who i met recently thru mutual frndz. 
    • Family.......... love u ma ppl.
                              THANK U ALL for everything. :)

    When stepping into a new year..... i still miss my lost years coz that was ma dream..... nd THANKz for making me wana relive my yesterdays even now.  Loads of love.

    I believe "Watevr happens, moveon with a SMILE". (evnthou i fail to follow this.)

              Happy 2012.!!!!!!!!  May this New Year bring happiness nd Smiles to evryone.    

    GOD blez. :)

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