Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Love beyond Worlds.

He met her accidentally at the most unexpected time. Not even in his dreams he has thought that she’s going to be this important to him. In their there was no ‘get-to-know’ period or ‘just-friends’ period. They met as complete strangers and fell in love even without knowing each other. He knew they were meant for each other the moment they met. Was it love at first sight?  Can the meeting in the virtual world can be said as a first sight love? Don’t know…

Though what started as an infatuation out of fascination of seeing a person with so many similarities yet different in every aspect soon turned out to be something deep and meaningful. They were all set to marry within months. She made his life so much happier just been with him.  Everything was so easy with her. She never intrudes his space but his space was all about her. She could understand even his silence. There were moments he used to wonder, how a person can read another one so easily with so much of ease. That was she. Simple yet elegant in every way. She had that magic of pulling people to her side with her charm and love and just been her. Before they met, he wanted to do so much with his life. And now also he wanted all the same, but with her in it.

White rose was what he gave her the first day he saw her. Seeing her smile that moment, he made a mental promise to himself that no matter what, he’s going to give her a rose everyday day of his life. And even today, a year after she left him, he’s keeping his promise… without fail. 


Today happened to read this status update in Red Handed's FB page and that made me write this fictional piece. So thanks to her. :)


  1. Beautiful words Susan :) We grieve for some people as long as we live.

  2. Beautiful and touching Sheethal :) Write more...

  3. Beautiful and heartbreaking all at once. That white flower will stay with me now.

  4. I had read Red's Fb status and wanted to know the real story behind that...
    This was such a sweet take on that! :)

  5. wow....who would have thought that my simple status update would inspire you to write a beautiful story.
    This was beautiful. Now everytime I pass her grave, I will think of this story.

  6. Ahh this is heart breaking and so sad..life is so unfair sometimes...

  7. Beautiful, tender and touching! That's what love should be like. Nicely penned, Sheethal!