Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am Blank Because ...

This was something shared in Write Tribe ... a fill in fun exercise shared from Little Miss Momma's Blog. 

I’m WEIRD Because

I ask Why when someone says I like/love/hate you.

I can’t sleep without washing my feet and feeling the cold on them.

I hate tomatoes.

I barely drink water, and last day I even downloaded a Water Reminder app but still no use.

I love eating Roti with Ketchup, thou some of my friends go absolutely No-No about that.

I hate shopping, except books.

As days pass and age goes up, and Dad starts the hunt for a perfect son-in-law, my belief in the institution called marriage is sweeping down in rocket speed.

I freak out if anyone showers me with so much of love or concern.

I prefer showing my love towards others by irritating rather than been sweet to them.

I should like the way a person talks before getting friendly/close to them.

The only jewelry I’m obsessed with is earrings and can’t resist buying them, even when I have a huge collection.

Coffee and chocolate … any time of the day or night.

I drain out my frustrations by writing them down.

I can’t stand silent treatment from anyone. I prefer sorting/fighting it out by talking.

I hate cooking and if possible would completely avoid doing it.

I’m a BAD Friend Because

I barely show the basic etiquette in communication.

I go not talking to them for a long time.

I don’t share all my personal things even with my bestie.

Even in friend zone, I need my space.

I can’t sweet talk much… but can be very diplomatic.

I’m a GOOD Friend Because

I will be there with you and for you, no matter what.

You can call me up at any time of the day/night and talk whatever rubbish you want. I am all ears.

Thou I don’t share my secrets; I can be a good secret keeper.
I won’t stand anyone saying anything bad about you, even if it’s the truth.
I'm SAD Because
This is not how I expected life would turn out to be.

So many good and talented people are dying.

No one makes chocolates with Zero calories.

There are so much of restrictions for living life in your terms and in your way.

I’m HAPPY Because

I can give a genuine smile inspite of what’s happening around or inside me.

I have a little brother who makes my life hell but very beautiful.

Friends… who bare all my insanity.

Chocolate… my comfort food.

Blog and Books and Movies.


Been alive and experiencing all that’s happening to me and around me, even thou at times I completely hate it. 


  1. That was a very interesting list.. :D Tomatoes, yeah I agree, nasty.. and a water reminder app? Really? That IS weird.. :D But now that I think of it, that isn't a bad idea either.. :P

    1. U too, tomatoes?? Bingo!! :D ... Seriously I hardly drink water... and even thou the app isn't much help to me... it still does it's duty :P

  2. What a fun exercise! Nice to get to know you a little better through it. :)

  3. :D Lovely list, Sheethal. I had fun knowing a little more about you :) And there many in the list which applies to me.. :P

  4. Hey- that was fun to read Sheethal! And I feel I know you better now as well:-) You sound like a good friend- a good secret keeper is pure Gold:-)

    1. Thank you so much Eli... :) ... Glad to see you back here after long... and know I have lots f catching up to do in you blog... soon.. :)

  5. Woah! That's a super interesting list. You are intringuing:)

  6. //I prefer showing my love towards others by irritating rather than been sweet to them.// hahaha you sound just like my husband
    choco with zero cals... oh if only it was possible.

    1. Thank God! I'm not alone in that love showing way :D

  7. I was in the same boat regarding water intake a few months ago. And then I started using this app. And within a week of alerts and reminders from the app I got used to drinking the desired no. of bottles of water and I no longer use that app. So my suggestion to you would be to follow the app for a week religiously and then it will become a habit. Cant tell you the good it has done to my skin and system :)
    My son likes paranthas and ketchup too! :)

  8. lol .. but a very interesting list :)

  9. Felt good to know more about u and LOL at that water reminder app. I guess I need one too !
    I love roti with ketchup as well
    God bless..

  10. So many commonalities, but most excited about the fact that you too hate to shop for anything other than books! :D