Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The whole wrld is caught up wit eithr sum probz,worries or tensions... Evn a smal kid hv hs own worriez whch mite sound silly to a grwn up... Each one of us hav our own reasnz 4 actin d way we are.. Wen i luk at ma past, i always tried 2 fnd a gud endin 4 al doz hapd to me... Evn thou sum dosnt sound lik a gud endin, i changd ma pt of view to mak myself smile.. Dnt knw whetr lif is tryin to teach me d same leson whch i hav no desire to learn bt mayb i do deserve.. Bt nevr gt the ans for, why i do?? That stil seemz to be a mystery...

Why do we hav relatnz durin ech phase of our lif?? There wer tymz wen i thout i cudnt liv w/o ma friends.. Bt later on due 2 mny reasnz or circumstances or watevr u cal them i found myself being content evn w/o them. At tymz i do feel as if nature is being teachin me to survive w/o ma special ppl whom i wntd to be wit me thruout.. Nd i guez m dragin up myself wit mch difficulty.. Coz lif cnt be thrown out as we wish, hav to liv up to the end na..

Der are tymz of day or night wen i feel 'ya, i need to tlk to sumone.. I need to spill evrything out..' den d questn arises.. 'bt,to whom??' aftr ponderin over almst mor than 200 contctz i cudnt evn fnd one.. Whch made me realise dat m missing dos ppl with whom i shared my whole self.. Dos persn to whom i tld evn ma mst embrasin incidnts... Nd nw i cud say m nt short of relatnz bt stil 'yup m'.. I did loose mny, sum jstified by me.. nd othrz jstifid by fate itself n whch seemz insane to me evn nw..!!

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