Tuesday, October 24, 2017


She could smell payasam here at her room

Amu, take this and give this to him

Her mother called.

After that I can have too,  she thought 

She dashed to the kitchen 

Singing, she jumped each stair to him

He opened the door swiftly, as if 

 Waiting for her to ring the bell

She gave him the dish, which he took 

And called her inside, which she did

She stood there and looked around

Same as her flat, but hers was prettier

She smiled 

And turned to leave

But to a closed door

He stood near her, very near

Without giving space to breathe




She ran down five minutes later

Scrubbed and rinsed from head to toe 

Tearing her lips and cheeks ...

Amu, come and have payasam

Her mother called.


20 years later, Amu shed tears for that 9-year-old who met a monster while typing #Metoo  

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge through October. #WriteBravely

Today’s Prompt – “Monster.


  1. Child abuse!! A heinous crime always untold.

  2. What a sad and solemn piece and a reminder about the effects of abuse years on. Thanks for sharing and best wishes.

  3. That's the sad reality of women. I think all women have faced the abuse and harassment at some point in their life. On one hand I see my TL flooding with women writing #metoo and I feel happy and hopeful that women are gaining that courage to come out in open and accept it. But on the other hand I also read news that a woman was raped on a pavement in broad daylight and onlookers did nothing. And I get depressed again. Not sure when things will change for women.

  4. This is the harsh reality of so many kids!! Sad that the children are not safe either!

  5. Too many such monsters around, hiding in plain sight I think. Too many stories of silence too. :(

  6. World is filled with such monsters! I really hope a day comes when we are free of those mosters! Sigh!

  7. World is filled with such monsters! I really hope a day comes when we are free of those monsters! Sigh!

  8. Child abuse is the most heinous crime ever. I dont know if there will be a world withour such monsters. I guess we need to empower our children to fight them.

  9. Hi sheethal.

    I am nominating you for "The Mystery Blogger Award" under the category of Poetry. Check out the below link for additional details. It was a pleasure to get to know you!


  10. Oh dear! It was gut-wrenching to read this. There are so many Amus around us struggling to find support and trying to get rid of monsters. Poignant piece, Sheethal!

  11. This is scary, but an apt reflection of the fearful moments that many children go through. WHo will curtail this monster?

  12. Reading all these horrible stories, I get to know that every girl had faced this. Some got the courage to speak up, some not. Some remember and some bad memories erased away. #MeToo

  13. Amazing, as usual, SSJ! So gut-wrenching, yet, so true for so many Amus.