Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Date With Her

Woke up to her messages. 

Took the phone to the loo and chatted with her. She was all packed to take that flight away from life, at least for a while. And I am still here, questioning myself about the trip booked two days ago under alcohol influence. But the next morning everything looked so fine. Both of had enough leaves and finance also could be managed even thou wound be under tight reigns. 

We were planning this trip for years now, our sort of "Date". When career took us to two different countries across the globe from each other, the only console where planning these imaginary trips. Now it's going to be a reality. Or should I cancel the whole thing and apologize to her? No. It's too late now and she already left for the airport. 

After debating with myself for what seemed like hours, by evening I left to the airport. We were supposed to mid-way. She said she'll wait at some bookshop in the airport terminal. 

When the flight touched the ground I woke up with a jerk. Yesterday couldn't sleep a wink out of excitement, fear, and my own doubts. 

There she was with a huge bag over her shoulders browsing through the bookshelves, with earphones plugged into her iPod.

That’s how we met. Through music. Debating about my favorite song which she hated for reasons not acceptable for me and over which still we fight a lot.

It's been ages since we met.

My best friend who I haven't seen for the past 5 years. 

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Today’s Prompt – “Put your music player on shuffle or turn the radio to your fav. station. Write the post today using the song as your prompt.”

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  1. My best friend also lives in another country. I haven't met her for 10 years now. A "date" with her is very much overdue.

  2. touching. wish u meet soon and share ur fav song once again.

  3. That's an interesting take on the prompt, Sheethal. Music can bind people together even if there can be differences of opinion on taste.

  4. So that trip never happened? Your posts all leave me wanting for more

  5. That's one interesting take on prompt! Music can do magic indeed.

  6. People may have different tastes in music, but music can still bring them close.

  7. Music can create such lovely connections; good one Sheethal!