Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How do I tell her about you...

How do I tell her about you .... the person who made me see the beauty of the world. Who made me realize that happiness is not something to be chased but it should happen spontaneously.

You showed me that life is all about moments and when one spend those moments with the person they like, then life seems to be beautiful and fun to live.

I wanted to show you the beauty of this world, but instead you made me see all those in your eyes.
How do I tell her about you... without falling in love with you, again.

Written for 100 Words on Saturday @Write Tribe


  1. It's a difficult thing to do but tell her he must :) lovely

  2. nice :) .. you've written it for your mom i guess ?

  3. Ahh , lovely insight Susan.
    The last line ..the way you concluded it, is the highlight..."How do I tell her about you...without falling in love with you, again"
    Subtle , creative ,lovely & a beautiful post indeed! :)

  4. Lovely :) Sometimes honesty is good thing to stick to in a relationship :)

  5. Poetic and beautiful!

  6. Very profound. It's a beautiful piece of work that can be felt within and difficult to express:)

  7. Beautiful! Nicely written-) Yes, Life is all about moments

  8. Lovely take...sometimes it is awful hard to choose. I have never had more than one love at once. Glad I never had to choose. ♥

    1. Choosing between two people is difficult.... but do we fall in love with a second person if we were actually in love with the first? Ok. Now I'm confused! ;)

  9. ah yes.. its hard!
    Relationships and Love can be so complicated sometimes!!

    Nice take on the prompt.

  10. And I am sure he tells her.
    This was beautiful!

  11. The prompt does evoke in all of us a story of torn between two loves, no?


  12. Poetic... Romantic... Lovely! :) inspired from where dear?