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Sharing a Blogpost from another blog, My Little World, which I am completely in love with...

PARI … (Angel)

"Why are you doing this when you can have your own?",Mom asked furiously,almost in tears.

"Atleast think about the society.They will raise so many questions to you and your parents.They'll doubt your...",an acquaintance was trying hard to convince.

"You people are hurting your parents.They had so many aspirations from you.Don't you have any obligations towards them?", another fellow added.

"Apna khoon apna hi hota hai.No one else can take his place.Do whatever you want!",Papa asserted loudly and left the room.

But the couple was adamant to their decision.Nothing in the world could bent them.

They said "Sorry Ma,Sorry Paa.But we are really not bothered what others would think of us.We are not doing anything wrong.And If you want we'll have our own too.But this has to be done.Today and Now.We have promised her."


They took the keys and hurried to the place.

"Hello sister!"

"Hello Sir.Hello Ma'am.All formalities have been done.You just have to sign here.",the matron said.

"Yeah.we'll just do."

"Congratulations to both of you.God bless you people."

"Thank you sister!"

They both looked at each other.Happiness,love,contentment and proud tinged vividly in their eyes.They distributed sweets to everyone out there.

He kissed her on her forehead for the very first time and hugged her tight.(Ah!Truly Divine. An awesome feeling).

The three of them then headed towards the temple on the opposite side of the road, to seek blessings of the Almighty.

The papers on the dashboard of the car were gleaming brightly on that full moon night.They read,

"St. Anthony Girls Orphanage
Child's Name:PARI
Age:2 yrs ,6 months
Sex: Female
Adopted by:
Mrs and Mr.............
on 6'Feb'2011"


And on the backseat were kept a teddy-bear,a doll in pink,a toy train,a remote control car,a big box of chocolates and toffees,small little pair of shoes,few packets from 'Kids Wear' shop etc etc.

Once in school ,a friend asked "What does it mean to be adopted?"

"It means",said Pari "that you grew in your mommy's heart instead of her tummy :)"


P.S. All credits and Respects to Saumya, the creator of these words.

God Blez.


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