Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday MOM! :)

Mom and me had all the usual Mother-daughter fights and never got along much during my teenage/college days. She’s one sensitive woman. Temper, happiness or sorrow everything is too spontaneous for her. So certainly we had our fights. And even now I dread her temper. If she is not in her good moods, Brat & I will just flew from there.

I was also never the best child one could dream. I knew my Mom had to look after the three of us alone, as Dad was aboard. But that didn’t stop me from been rude or back answering her, which she absolutely hated. And been the elder, I should have been more helpful for her, but regretfully I never was.  But in last two years, we began to get along pretty well. Maybe I began to understand the role as a Mother is not easy, or she began to see me as a bit more mature child.

She gave me all the freedom in the world, even when we had our fights. And I proudly used to say, and will continue to say that none of my female friends had such freedom at home. Been from Kerala, usually girls are entitled not to do so, go there etc. etc. And I never had any such boundaries. As long as my Mom knows where I am, and with whom she’s ok. She doesn’t even call me in between to check up on me, which I love soo much in her. There are times I have wondered when I stay out from home the whole day, “Doesn’t she want to know where I am?” She trusts me, and believes that I am able to look after myself. If I am bold or able in any way, hats off to my Mom. She taught me to live independently and to do your, whatever work it is, by yourself. It was coz of her, I learned to ride and drive. If I had to go out after dusk, I don’t hesitate, coz she never did, when we were sick or needed something for our school the next day. She never backed out from her responsibilities and took up more even when her plate was already full.

Gave permission to almost whatever we asked for. Brat & I was one of the those kids  in school who never had to ask for permission from home to say yes for tours or excursions, coz we know our Mom would never say No.

We both get out from house @6pm, just to roam about or have an ice cream or to elope to the beach. And she just says be back before it’s too late. We started going for almost every movie we wanna see in theatres right before I entered college. There was a time when I was away for a week, been in the same town or 20 minutes away from home, I couldn’t call or see her. No complaints from her side, she just turned up to see me.

All these doesn’t seem much, but been from a place where most girls are not permitted to go out alone after dark or are not allowed to go out with their male friends or are not allowed to step into theatres without a huge gang, ‘m truly blessed. Coz these little things mean a lot to me.

For me freedom is everything, and she gave me that. She gave me more than anything I could ask for.

 Happy Birthday to an awesome Mom and the best cook (wish I had your love for cooking)!

I love you but still gonna be the same old irritating, back answering, immature, lazy kid, coz, where else I can be like this except with you.

P.S.  :)

God Blez.

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