Saturday, November 17, 2012

You expect too much from me” someone says,
I hear this too often nowadays!!
I sit here today and wonder
What’s going wrong in my life,
It’s suddenly filled with splits and darkness rife?

I sit here and ponder today,
What made them say such words of dismay,
For they are people who always make my day?
I ask the almighty, what went wrong today,
When everything was fine till day before yesterday?
Did I change in these couple of days,

Or did something else change in many ways?
Why are there barriers between me and them today,
Why am I not able to cross then fence, go and play?
What is it that’s stopping me today, Why is it that I am so sad today?

Relationships have limits I know,
But what are the limits I really don’t know,
Friends walk together with you they say,
But what if someone keeps you at bay?

I fear today to talk to them,
I fear today to walk with them,
Barriers unknown surround me today,
Wish I could break everything and run away.

The dawn is not far away now, I tell myself,
Coz the sky is so dark, darker than black itself,
Tomorrow will be a better day,
For You will be able to break the fence and dance and play.

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