Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Reader! :D

At last I get to hold some Books!! Real Books! I can actually get to hold a book, feel it and snuggle with it in my bed, and ponder the words.

I am a lover of technology but never that of digital books. This doesn’t mean I don’t read e-books; actually those were the only thing could get hold off for last few months. But I love that unique feel, experience, pleasure and happiness of cracking open an actual book. The joy of holding a new book in your hands and discoveries made with each page turned. Paper books just feel good in your hands - even the best designed e-Reader is a cold, lifeless steel contraption by comparison. Paper books are also seen as more personal.

Only with a paper book you are able to skim through the pages until you find the sentence or quote you were searching and could actually highlight them. Even digitally you can highlight, but I hate it,

As someone said, "If I "buy" an e-book, read it, put it in storage, and try to re-read it in 10 years (since I "own" it) it's anybody's guess whether there will exist a platform or device on which that will be possible for that particular e-book format and DRM scheme." So you have to get a new e-book or OS to read again.

 And you don’t get to wander in book stores when in the digital world.  It’s the ambiance and warmth of the place where I’d lose myself in the stacks of great literature. Nothing can replace the hours spend in a book store just wandering around picking up books with compelling cover art and reading the prologue.

For me it’s always a joy getting hold of a book. So looking forward to travel to the world of words!


P.S. God get me some spare time, Please…!!!

God Blez.


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  1. Immortals of Meluha nalla bookanennu ktu.......enikkanel kaiyilirikkunna tanne vayikkan pattunilla.....