Thursday, November 8, 2012

To Myself of 2013...

The future can be scary, but you can’t go back to the past, just coz the road is familiar. But nothing in this world can take you back to yesterdays. When I sit here and dwell on my yesterdays, there are moments I miss, people I wish where still there in my life, days I wish I could erase completely and things I wish to redo.
But yesterday is your past and it already have passed. Live your today and appreciate the moment. :)
A Letter to the Future Me.

(( Will I remember to read this next year? (Fingers crossed) ))


Hey Girl! :)

I have no idea what you are doing now or where you are but hope this finds you in a smiling face.

How are you today? Do you still have those cranky mood swings which used to drive lil Brats nuts? And how's that guy, is he still the same or matured?? ;)

Hope you are not yet "Settled" and is clinging to the 25++ years for that. Or did you find your guy?? If then, cherish the moment.

I am curious to know whether you still read and is that blog of yours anywhere in the surface? More curious to know where you reached career wise. Are you still in love with words? Do you still give every relation the value and time it needs? Hope you learned to control the sarcastic inner Goddess of yours and still have some legit girlfriends. And your guy friends? Are those guys still irritating and lovable as before??

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you are more passionate and caring, earnest and loving, composed and outgoing than the past. Do keep in touch with all those people you love. If you haven’t called any of your friends for the past two weeks, dial them up Now!

Hope you are living your life the way that you want to live it rather than how others want you to live it. I hope you have found that courage and strength, and I hope you realize that your loved ones accept you for who you are—and they always will accept you.

You should always remember to do what you truly want because you want to. Never lose your passion for trying/doing things that make you happy. Take the road less travelled, if that’s what you want. Even if others are skeptical and naysayers.

But whatever you do at the end of the day you should be happy, coz a day spend in misery is not worthy. Keep Smiling :) And whatever happens moveon with a Smile. God's always there to wink at you when you are feeling down-promise. :)

Hugs & kisses & loads of love.

From a Past version of Yourself! :)

P.S. Should I post it to myself?
God Blez.


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